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A study conducted by the Stroke Research Center at the University of Minnesota determined that cat owners are less likely to die of heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases than people without cats.

Those who never owned a cat (about half of the study participants) were 40 percent more likely to die of heart attacks and 30 percent more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases--such as stroke or chronic heart disease--than those who had or have had cats.

Strangely, this study did not find similar benefits for dog owners. The researchers are currently working to find if cat ownership could be used as therapeutic intervention for those who are at a high risk for cardiovascular events.

Not only are cats good for your physical health, but researchers are also finding that they are good for your mental health, as well.

Adopt a cat and stay healthy!



Tony Smith has been providing excellent care for the cats and kittens here for many years including chiropractic work when necessary.  He looks after both large and small animals.  His phone number of 07 5426 7766.


The vets at the AWLQld vet clinic in Ipswich have been excellent in their committment to the care of my cats and kittens and all proceeds go towards the upkeep of the AWLQld shelter. You can be assured that your pet will receive the very best of care when you visit their clinic in Tiger Street, Ipswich.  They also offer discount desexing under the National Desexing Network voucher system (a link to this website can be found further down the page). Their phone number is 07 3812 7533.


Located in Toogoolawah in the heart of the Brisbane Valley the professional, friendly team at Brisbane Valley Vets make everyone feel welcome and are dedicated to providing your animals the very best and most up to date care and attention. Their phone number is 07 5423 1303 or email for more information at [email protected]


A barrier to many is the cost of desexing your cat or kitten but the consequences of not doing so can be even more costly both to yourself, your cat and the community at large.

Many people don't realise that low cost desexing is available by visiting  

National Desexing Network

This is the National Desexing Network and you can fill in an online application and then print off a voucher to be presented to the nearest vet participating in the scheme.

Male kittens here are desexed as soon as possible ie when they reach over 1kg in weight. Female kittens are desexed at 4 months provided they are physically strong enough because for them the surgery is far more invasive. But be very sure with the female kitten that you keep it away from any males if it comes calling before being desexed. There have been many instances of 4 month old kittens presenting for desexing and already being in kitten themselves.


Please get to know your local vet. Be sure that you have a vet in who you have complete confidence. Your kitten or cat will require annual vaccinations against the most common feline ailments. The annual visits can also be used to keep a check on the overall well being of your feline friend and any abnormalities can be more easilly dealt with if picked up early.

Ask your vet what they recommend for worming preparations and flea preventatives because they know best what the main problems are in your particular area.

If you're unsure what to use ask, don't risk using the wrong medication and making a bad situation worse. Remember don't use human medications on pets.

BUY A CAT CARRIER - Don't wait until there is a crisis and add to the trauma for both yourself and your pet by being unable to find a secure way to transport it.



Kittens - I use Purina Supercoat Kitten at the shelter for dry feed and a little fresh roo meat each day, along with kitten milk from the supermarket if required.

Adult cats - the same as above - most of the dry feeds are available on age grouping kitten, adult, indoor, senior.

I find that cats and kittens are more than happy with the dry feed only and this can be left available for them throughout the day provided they don't have a weight issue to contend with.  Canned or fresh meat can be given as a treat.

Fresh water should be left available at all times in a shady location.


Most cats and kittens love a daily or weekly brush even if they don't need it mainly because it provides one on one time with you.  Brushing or combing will also help to prevent furballs from the cat getting excess hairs when grooming itself. Most of the dry feeds also come in a furball formula which helps to allieviate the problem.  If a furball does form nornally the cat can pass it themselves without problem but there can be some complications particularly in long haired cats or heavy moulters. Commercial preparations are available if needed, so consult your vet if in doubt.


With the new legislation many more cats will be finding themselves unable to wander at will and need plenty of stimulation during the day and night to keep themselves occupied and out of mischief. Climbing towers with multi levels including scratching posts are ideal combined with ping pong balls, catnip toys and paper bags (not plastic), I had one kitten who insisted on grabbing any plastic bag he could find and he'd then roll up his sister in it and I had to keep rescuing her before she suffocated. He was a homicidal little tyke. A few containers growing catnip deposited around the place also keeps them entertained but be prepared for them to be climbing all over the plants.

Cats kept indoors also need access to either sunny window sills, a closed in veranda or an outside enclosure attached to the house either via a window or a cat tunnel. This way you also have the ability to lock the cat outside the house when you have visitors if needed in an area that it is comfortable and familiar with.


I now use Breeders Choice cat litter at the shelter simply because I've found it to be the best for this number of cats with only me to look after them. If you've just purchased a cat or kitten find out what type of litter it is used to because some cats just don't want to change and a gradual introduction to a new litter is required.

With the litter trays it depends on the size of the cat, the number of cats and what type of surface you have it on. There are enclosed trays, trays with lips to prevent the cat flicking out the litter and the normal litter trays. There are even small trays for kittens. Find the one that best suits your needs and don't skimp on the price because they last forever and the right tray or trays will mean lots less work for you.

Natural Cure for Mange and other related skin conditions

Page 118 of 'NATURAL Pet Care', by Pat Coleby (Published 2003, reprinted 2006- ISBN 0 7344 0488 3)


...To give external relief, make up a wash of a tablespoon of copper sulphate and a tablespoon of cider vinegar in half a liter of water, and bathe the affected parts carefully - mange can be sore.  A wash once a day should clear up the condition in a day or two...

At the shelter I have used this treatment on some of my sick kittens and there was a 100% improvment with in the first 24hr.


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