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If you would like to sponsor a particular cat or kitten while they wait for the perfect family to come along, please visit our Donations & Sponsorship page.

BIG BOY - Sponsored by Jacinta Meehan

Big Boy is only about 12 months old. He will be a longer term rehabilitation case due to trust issues with people. He's a gorgeous boy and well worth the extra effort. he's going to be quite a large lad and is part Manx.


Boo Boo is 8 years old. She was an abandoned stray and is the most gorgeous little tyke you'd ever want to see. Poor Boo was constantly in kitten until she was caught. Even now she'll take other little street kittens under her protective wing and help to settle them and teach them the ropes so to speak. She's coming out of her shell with visitors and is getting to the point where she may be available for adoption shortly.


Gorgeous Cara is about 3 years old and extremely cheeky and talkative. She isn't used to other people at this point but will end up making someone a loving, if talkative, companion. She's excellent with other cats and dogs but not used to children. All her vet work has been completed but she's likely to be a longer term sponsorship.


Young Coco has had all her vet work completed but still needs work to get her used to other people. She's a beautiful little girl who will need to be an indoor/outdoor cat when she goes to her new home.


Figit, female, 3 years old. Figit is an enigma. She was dumped when about a year old and was the size of an 8 week old kitten. She was dehydrated and starving. I was stunned when the vet concluded that she was almost fully grown. She couldn't be desexed until 1. she could be handled without shredding everyone and 2. she was physically strong enough. She was finally desexed a few months ago at age 3. Believe it or not, she has now commenced to grow. This photo is deceptive because she has the glossiest jet black coat these days. But it will be a long time, at least, before she trusts enough to be available for adoption. 



Ebby (at the rear) was born into a street colony. She's only about 18 mths old and will take a bit more time to be ready for adoption. I say that but she's great with me, and if the right person walked in, I'm sure Ebby wouldn't hesitate to run up to them and bond almost instantly. In front of Ebby is her baby son Bingo. And yes, he's already larger than she is. All her vet work has been completed but it'll be a while before she's officially available for adoption.


Lacey is only a tiny little thing and arrived at the shelter with a litter of kittens from a bush colony. The kittens have since been adopted and now it's a case of getting Lacey adopted as well. All her vet work is completed. It's just a case of building her up a bit and then she'll be available for adoption. She gets soooo excited when you pat her that she starts chattering away and doesn't shush until you stop. LOL


Camilla, female, dsh. All her vet work is completed and she'll soon be available for adoption. 



Little Mia. Not yet available for adoption. Mia came from a colony where she was constantly attacked by the other cats. She has a birth defect in her bottom lip which the bush cats saw as a weakness. She was absolutely terrified on arrival and I spent hours slowly building up her confidence and trust. I think I should have stopped a little earlier than I did because I think I've created a monster LOL. Mia is convinced that she can have a go at any cat here and Mummy will save her if she gets into strife. Fortunately because the other shelter cats are in many cases from abused backgrounds they're very tolerant and so far none of them have attempted to kill the little twerp. She's currently my devoted little shadow day and night. If I can just convince her that other people are nice too she'll make someone a glorious little mate.


Patches, female, dmh. Not yet available for adoption. Rehabilitation case. 


PeeWee, female, dsh, grey tabby. All her vet work is done. Street cat not yet available for adoption.


Penny, female, dsh. All her vet work is completed. Street cat not yet available for adoption.


Pepper, dsh, female about 2 years old. This beautiful girl is getting closer to being available for adoption every day. Originally dumped as a youngster, she had to fend for herself on the streets until caught and brought to the shelter with her sister Pipper.


Sammy, female, dsh, grey tabby. Not quite confident enough with strangers yet for adoption. But getting there. All her vet work is done and she's good with other cats and with dogs.


Sarge, male, dsh, grey tabby with the most striking eyes. Almost ready for adoption. Came from a feral Mum but is extremely loving once he gets to know you. A big sook really. Gets on well with other cats and the dogs.


Little Simba. Champagne, male, dmh. Extremely gentle but has trust issues from his past. Just needs to settle a little and he'll be ready for adoption. All his vet work is done.


Star. Not available for adoption. Probably will be a long term resident. She suffered considerable abuse and trauma as a kitten and is unlikely to trust humans again unless she really knows them well. She's safe and happy and will remain at the shelter unless the right person walks through the gate one day and Star decides that they are the one. All her vet work is completed. 


Taffy, female, dsh, torti. Taffy isn't quite available for adoption at this stage because she's not developing as well as I would have hoped and she's also going through an obnoxious teenage phase. All her vet work has been completed.


Zena, female, calico, dsh. Zena arrived for rehabilitation. She gets on well with other cats and the dogs and is extremely loving with people that she knows. She's only a small cat having given birth to a litter of kittens when she was still only a baby herself. She's almost ready for adoption but just needs to trust a little more before I'm comfortable officially placing her adoption. All her vet work has been completed.


Young Rose began life as a street kitten and arrived at about 6 mths of age about to give birth. After being picked up off the street she had spent the rest of the time in close confinement with her siblings. She had come into season faster than her rescuer had expected and the inevitable occurred. After arriving at the shelter she and her kittens were taken into foster by Kim and now little rose is slowly adjusting to life outside a cage. She is living happily on 40 acres with her two kids, coco and cola. She is the smallest of all three. Kim fell in love with Rose's little son and adopted him. She is still caring for her daughter Coco and Rose herself. Because Rose has memories of her confinement before arrival at the shelter she will be a longer term rehab case and is therefore in need of sponsorship to help cover her ongoing are and vet expenses until she's able to find her own loving family.


Beautiful Harley is about 6 years old. She's a bit of a loner and will only mix with the other cats when she feels like it. She prefers to find a spot in the sun and will then sprawl out and soak it all up. Harley isn't officially available for adoption at the present time. She'll let me know when that special person arrives to take her home. She'd just love for someone to sponsor her while she waits.


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