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The cats and kittens on this page require very special loving people to adopt them. They all need patience and understanding. They may have either a chronic medical condition or may have suffered abuse before coming to the shelter. It will take time and effort to gain their trust in the abuse cases but the end result will be well worth it and they'll return your effort with unconditional love 100 times over. Some of the cats here are only included because they have been too long in the shelter and desperately need to find a loving secure home of their own.


If you want love and devotion Kerri will not let you down.  She is ideal as an inside cat because where you are is where she wants to be.  She would be best as an only pet because although she lives with the other cats and the dog at the shelter she prefers her own space and would love a home to call her very own.  Kerri tends to pat your face gently at night when getting into bed to ensure that she has her placement right. She'll also test the level of her water with her paw and then take her face down to the water level beside her paw.  She would be best in a home with no small children. This gorgeous cat was saved from death row at the pound and deserves a happy, safe and loving home. Kerri is available for adoption for $150.



Timmy was raised at the shelter and adopted by a loving family. He settled right in and played in his outside cattery during the day while his family went to work. At night or whenever they were home he ran around the house and yard and life was great. Timmy trusted a little too much and one day while his family was at work he was stolen from his cattery and tortured and left to die tied up in an open field. His family found him 3 days later and after he recovered from his ordeal he was returned to the shelter because his family couldn't risk the same thing happening again while they were away. Timmy remembered the shelter and is fine and trusting with me but it will take some time for him to settle into a new home and feel safe. He gets on well with other cats and dogs but would not suit very young children. Timmy is available for adoption for $150 and must be returned to the shelter if he doesn't settle into his new home. 



Taleah is around 7 years old. She needs to be in a one pet household as she likes her space. She is not an indoors cat and would like a home where she can wander during the day and be inside getting lots of cuddles at night. Taleah is a very devoted cat and will repay your love 100 times over. She is available for adoption for $150. 



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