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Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc is a registered charity and as such your donations and sponsorships are tax deductible.  You can save on tax and save a life at the same time.

ABN 99862937528



If you can spare even a small amount please make a donation towards the operating costs and vet care of the shelter by using either PayPal or your credit card.  In order for the shelter to continue to operate BVCR must cover the costs of desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, worming, feed and general upkeep of the facilities. As a non kill shelter BVCR doesn't just give up on a cat if it is ill or badly injured due to abuse.  In these instances the vet costs alone can be astronomical but we firmly believe that every animal deserves a chance at a full life with a loving family.  These cats and other animals give so much of themselves and we humans have created the world in which they live and have made them dependant upon us, therefore it is our obligation to ensure that we do in fact care for them properly.

If you truly believe that we need NON KILL SHELTERS then please help BVCR to help the animals into a better future. So many of you scanning these pages already have wonderful companions living in your homes. Without NON KILL SHELTERS like this one what would become of your loving friend if you were unable to continue to care for them. Think about that for a while before you move on.


If you don't want to use the PayPal facility or your credit card, you can set up a direct credit into the shelter bank account by either contacting your bank with the relevant details or using pay anyone access on your internet banking. You can set up regular payments this way either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whichever suits your budget the best.



BSB: 014 506

Account Number: 390416246

Account Name: Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc

There is no minimum amount required, so whatever your budget will allow. Even the cost of a daily cup of coffee is appreciated. You can do this either for general donations or sponsorship of a particular cat or kitten. Just ensure that you enter the details on the payment reference.  Once you've decided to make either a one off donation or set up a recurring transfer please email [email protected] with your name and postal address and the amount of your donation so we can send you a receipt.



Due to the large number of cats and kiittens always awaiting adoption including orphans, abuse cases, strays and older cats we are constantly in need of the following items:

Cat toys, dry or canned cat food, bedding, towels, food and water bowls, litter trays, cat litter, leads, collars, enclosures of all sizes, carry cases, flea powder, brushes and combs.  Please contact me if you are able to supply any of the abovementioned items.  These items can be delivered or dropped off at 821 Atkinson Dam Road, Atkinsons Dam, Qld 4311 or 16-22 Buccan Road, Buccan, Qld 4207.


You may wish to sponsor a particular cat or kitten while they wait for the perfect family to come along.  This doesn't mean that you have to cover all the costs of the particular cat or kitten but just that you would like to contribute towards their care while they are here. Sponsorship fees can be whatever amount you an afford. If you would like to sponsor a particular cat or kitten or even a mother with kittens please use the donate button below.  It will give you the ability to enter the name of the cat you wish to sponsor.  Then send me an email at [email protected] so we can add you to the list of sponsors and send you email updates on your particular sponsored cat.  You can also keep track of your sponsored cat or kitten in the blog page and forum pages. 



What is a bequest? When you pass away, your Legal Will shall specify how you want your property and assets to be dealt with.  Without a Legal Will, others will decide how your estate is to be finalised.  A bequest is a property or a sum of money dedicated to an organisation upon the donor's death.

Why leave a bequest?  What happens with you cat(s) after you pass away?  How do you know your loved ones will provide the same loving care you have?   Leaving a bequest in your Will to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc. guarantees that we will care for your cat(s) for the remainder of their lives by matching them to a caring foster home where we monitor your cat’s health and wellbeing, as well as provide for all of their future veterinary needs, giving you peace of mind.

For those without a cat, leaving a bequest to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Incorporated is an invaluable way of ensuring our future work when you can best afford to do so. 

There are numerous different types of bequests: Proportion, Specific Sum, Property and Residue. 

· Proportion: The most adaptable form of a bequest is a proportion or percentage of your estate. By using this kind of bequest you need not worry about the effects of inflation or changes in the size of your estate.

· Specific Sum: A specific bequest of money is a simple one but it can be reduced in value over the years by inflation and it remains fixed despite any increase or change in the value of your estate.

· Property: A specific bequest of property is one that nominates property, works of art, stocks and shares or insurance policies.

· Residue: When you have made provision for your family you may wish to leave the residue to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc.

We highly recommend donors liaise with their legal representative for advice.  If you need a solicitor, please contact the Qld Law Society.  They will recommend someone in your area.

Qld Law Society

179 Ann Street

Brisbane, Qld, 4000

Tel: 1300 367 757

Email: [email protected] 

Suggested Clause Wording

Suggestions for suitable clauses are:

“I give devise and bequeath the residue of my estate of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situated to Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc., the registered mail address of which is PO Box 17, COOMINYA QLD 4311, and I direct that the Secretary for the time being of the said Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc, shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor/s.”


“I give and bequeath unto the Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc, the registered mail address of which is PO Box 17, COOMINYA QLD 4311, the sum of ……… dollars and I direct that the receipt of the Secretary for the time being of the said Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc., shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor/s.”

In relation to your cats, a clause along the lines of:

“I give and bequeath the sum of ……. dollars Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Inc., the registered mail address of which is PO Box 17, COOMINYA QLD 4311, for them to place any of my cats still living at the time of my death in a suitable home, for the term of their natural lives, providing they pass a health and temperament test.”

To download a brochure for your loved ones, or to present to your solicitor, please click here.


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