Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue

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Kittens arrived in desperate need of help


Look at these helpless, emaciated kittens. They came into the shelter after being locked in a small cage for weeks and were suffering from dehydration and severe malnutrition. Their coats were brittle with large areas of missing hair and scabs. Effectively their systems were shutting down due to lack for nourishment. They were nothing but bone under what was left of their coats. The woman had tried to get them into a number of shelters but none would take them at that time. When I saw them it was obvious that they didn't have time to wait and were in need of urgent attention or they wouldn't survive. These beautiful kittens had a fighting spirit second to none and after many weeks of care and love are awaiting their new and loving homes. Unfortunately if this shelter did not exist then these beautiful kittens would not have survived.  If you would like to contribute (it doesn't have to be large amount, just the cost of your daily coffee will suffice) you will be contributing to the continued survival and wellbeing of future abandoned, stray and abused cats and kittens being cared for at the shelter, so please click on the link below. All donations, large or small, will be greatly appreciated and valued. In return you will have the peace of mind knowing that you saved a life today. 


An abandoned cat at arrival verses at adoption

Muffins three sons have since grown strong and large and share her beautiful coat type and lovely nature.

When first seen where she was rescued Muffy already had one older son with her, but unfortunately he had been on the streets for too long since birth and proved impossible for her rescuers to catch. I can only hope that he found a home for himself because he didn't deserve to live out his life never knowing love or kindness or security.

Beautiful Muffin had been on the streets for some time before she was rescued. She had just given birth to 3 adorable kittens but was in poor shape herself as everything was going to feeding her little family.

It wasn't long once the kittens were weaned that Muffin's true beauty began to reveal itself. Once she began receiving a decent diet and proper care her coat became rich, soft and longer. She filled out and as she gained confidence her loving playful nature surfaced.


Unfortunately there appears to be a growing number of mother cats with very young kittens being dumped at the present time. This is no doubt due to the financial crisis. However it doesn't change the fact that had the owners taken responsibility in the first place and had their pets desexed, then the poor cats and kittens wouldn't be the ones left to suffer the consequences. If you allow your cat to have kittens or your male cat is allowed to wander, then accept your responsibities and look after the kittens that you have been responsible for creating.


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