Combi BVCR Friend Combi BVCR Friend Ashley and Daisy eye off Combi 66974480 Combi desperatly wants to come in and join the fun 66974481 Ashley and Combi 66974482 Daisy talking to Combi 66974483 Leo and Combi 66974484 Combi and Jena keeping guard 66974485 Katie and Combi having a chat 66974486 Leo and Combi having a talk Amazing enough Combi is the only other animal that Leo will let within cooee of him. 66974487 The Weather is getting cold- Combi's new jumper "so ashamed- no i wont look at you" 83956414 85722120 85722121 My Nose gets cold OK 85722122 A new Jacket from Aunty Johns Mum Lookz me tough biker ok 85722123 yer.... well..... maybe not 85722124