Rehabilitation Centre Photos Rehabilitation Centre Photos 140084458 140084460 140084461 140084462 140084463 140084464 140084466 140084467 140084470 140084471 140084474 140084476 140084477 140084478 140084479 140084481 140084817 140084818 Oh for goodness sake Taffy get out of this album LOL Yes I know you're tough dear. But you really don't need rehabilitation. You just need a valium :) 140084484 Cassie Young Cassie is tiny but has given birth to 6 kittens. She's lived in a local colony and will be desexed as soon as the kittens are able to be weaned. She's decided that she likes this idea of permanent shelter and yummy food. Cassie will be available for adoption once her vet work and rehab have been finished. She's a beautiful cat, with a loving nature and I'd love to see her in her own home safe and loved. 140656525 Cassies kittens This photo was taken 10/10/2011. Cassie had just gotten up the confidence to move her babies into the plush soft cat bed that Kate provided. It seems to be quite a hit with the bubs. These little guys now stand to get good and loving homes as soon as their available for adoption. A chance their Mum never had at their age. 140656526 Boofy 150168618 Boofy 150168619