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I know that when you go looking for a new family member you tend to look for a particular personality as well as physical appearance.  However, I am here to tell you that what you initially see is not necessarilly what you end up getting.  This is not a bad thing, nor is it a warning of any kind, it's just a fact of life.

Kittens are like children. They still have to grow up and they still have to go through their teenage years. And the psycological (or however you spell it) impact on kittens is just as traumatic as on human teenages.

An example would be my gorgeous Tarsha, the birman who's photo appears on this website. Now Tarsha was a very loving little baby kitten after she was rescued and spent all her time cuddling up to me. That was until she reached approximately 5 months of age when she suddenly went completely crazy. I even know the exact second that it occured. I walked into a room with a perfectly normal kitten who suddenly went ballistic about something that wasn't there. From that moment on until she reached about 14 months (yes folks 9 months later) she would ping off at full speed if I entered the room, any room, refused to come anywhere near me and crept around as though the hounds of hell were about to leap out at her from every corner. This cat was truely crazy.

9 months later I walked into the bedroom while she was lying on the bed and she just looked at me and stretched and relaxed. I walked back out hardly daring to believe what I had just witnessed. From that time on it was as though the preceeding 9 months had never existed. Tarsha was back to being my loving little companion and I was just plain confused.

Since that time however I have realised that hormones don't only affect humans and teenage upheaval occurs in every species.  I've seen so many different instances of cats and kittens going through a stage of behavoural development completly opposed to their normal natures and then coming out the other side a couple of months later as truely lovely pets.

The whole thing is that if you have selected a companion for life (which you do when you select a pet) don't just go by what you may see or how it may behave at some times, look deeper and don't just throw in the towel, it could very well just be a stage which will be grown out of.  All you have to do is survive it.

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