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I have heard a lot of reports from people who are looking to rehome cats and kittens that the RSPCA has, is or will, put down their cats if they are surrendered to them. Yes that may be the unfortunate situation at the present time and at various times in the past as well. However you cannot blame the RSPCA instead lay the blame where it belongs, on the shoulders of the irresponsible owners and legislators who continue to allow companion cats to breed indiscriminately thus causing the severe overpopulation that the feline world currently faces. The RSPCA do a wonderful job in caring for abandoned and abused animals and are the mainstay of the animal protection sector. However there is only so much that even they can do when faced with literally thousands of abandoned and stray cats and litter upon litter of unplanned kittens. There is only so much room and so many foster carers. And dispite how many foster carers may be available and willing to give up their time and homes to assist in caring for these beautiful animals there are only so many homes available or willing to adopt them. If the RSPCA or any rescue organisation for that matter was to try and save every animal that was brought to them all that would mean is that thousands upon thousands of animals would spend their entire lives in shelters, never knowing a normal loving home and the shelters and the RSPCA themselves would inevitably end up going down the drain from the sheer financial burden of trying to continue to care for them.

It is not pretty and it's not what anyone, particularly the RSPCA wants, but the cruel fact of the world in which we live is that until compulsory desexing is legislated or until people in general start to take active responsiblity for their own pets, then organisations like the RSPCA who have no option but to accept the strays and surrenders that are taken to them, will be forced to continue putting healthy, loving cats and kittens to sleep because there simply is nowhere for them to go.

I know that it is heartbreaking to love and care for a cat or kitten and then surrender it to the RSPCA and find that it has been put to sleep. You may say that it was beautiful and gentle and loving but so was the other one, the other one that would have been put to sleep for yours to live. If you can't find a home for one cat or one litter of kittens because you just can't find anyone to take them, then you should understand how hard it is for the RSPCA to find homes for thousands of them.  Their resources and space are limited and they above all love animals and it is heartbreaking for them to have to put healthy animals to sleep but we the general population leave them with no choice and ever growing numbers.

Shelters such as mine "no kill" are trying to do the best that we can but we have an advantage over the RSPCA in that we don't HAVE to accept every cat or kitten that needs to find a new home. We can say no vacancy, I'm sorry. And if adoptions are down and the shelter is full we don't have to keep taking in more and more and more until we have no option but to make the hard decisions because of lack of space or finances.

This is not an easy occupation to be in at the best of times, it is extremely expensive and time consuming and most of us give up our homes entirely to our charges to ensure their well being and believe me if it were not for the RSPCA the majority of cats and kittens would not survive.  Because I do love cats and because I want to save as many as I can I would be the first to jump on the RSPCA if there was anything to jump on them for - but there isn't.

So don't blame them for doing their best - find ways to help them instead.  Don't complain that they have no room available for the cat or kitten you want to surrender - find it a home yourself.

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