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I know that this is not a particularly exciting topic however I have noticed a few interesting facts.

First is the fact that on occasion I have had cats or kittens brought to me because they have driven the owners or rescuers crazy by deciding not to use their litter trays.  I have found that the ones who use their litter trays sometimes and not at others is usually due to the fact that the litter trays have not been cleaned out regularly enough. Cats do hate to use dirty litter trays. This doesn't mean that they have to be sterilised and sanitised. You just have to use good quality litter and keep the tray reasonably well cleaned out at least 2 times per day. I use the catscan clumping litter and find it excellent. I only need to refill the litter tray when the litter starts to get down, otherwise it is just a case of doing a pick up of soiled litter. Some cats need to have the scent of a small amount of soiled litter left in the tray, others don't. You just need to know your cat.

The other thing I have noticed is that the more litter trays I have around the easier it is to keep everything clean and the longer the litter lasts. Muffin and her kittens and Hendrix were the first ones to show me just how organised the cats can be if given the chance. You see there is Muffin, her 2 sons and Hendrix (their adopted Dad or big brother depending on Muffins state of mind at the time). I was wondering why it was that I seemed to spend a lot of time following Muffin and the others around from litter tray to litter tray cleaning them out, until I realised what she had organised. What she has taught the boys to do is use one tray for liquids and one tray each for the other. 

When I realised this I put additional trays into Midnights run where she is looking after some older adolescants for me. Given the opportunity she also organised the same type of thing, except that she changed the rules slightly so that the girls used 2, she used one and the boys used the other 2 trays.

This not only works well for the cats but also for me because it means that the tray used for the liquids can, even though cleaned out regularly, keep it's primary litter for longer before it has to be completely replaced.

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