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Heard barking last night, which is unusual, because normally the boys are quiet all night.  I trotted out with the torch and found that Bert (red collar) had gotten himself stuck under a plastic basket and little Boof was calling for help.  Good on you Boofy.  Silly boy Bert.  Normally Bert gets stuck in the arms of dressing gowns etc.  He turns into a giant slug on such occasions and Boof spends all his time trying to chew him an escape route. LOL  I loose more dressing gowns that way.

Cuddles - available for adoption

Poor Cuddles adoption fell through before she even got to leave the shelter.  Her new Mum took a cat from a friend of a friend instead.  The friend was moving and was unable to take her cat, so poor Cuddles missed out.  At least she doesn't know how very close she came to having a home of her very own.  But I do.  It makes me sad that after about 18mths at the shelter she's still waiting for the right person to meet her and love her.  But that person will come along and it'll be love at first sight.  Cuddles deserves only the very best because she's had such a tough time for such a young girl.

In the Rehabilitation Centre poor young Ariel came in with a severe case of gingavitis.  She's currently undergoing treatment and hopefully once her discomfort and gum pain has been resolved she'll be ready for adoption.  She loves her pats and cuddles and is the sweetest little tyke. 

Handsome Olly was quite a mess on arrival and is also undergoing Rehabilitation.  He's made extraordinary progress and once he's gone all the way through the programme he'll also be available for adoption.  He's a handsome ginger tabby with a loving and gentle nature.

The air con in the house is proving extremely popular during these hot days.  Fortunately today appears to be a bit overcast so hopefully the temperatures won't rise too dramatically. 

Seen a few snakes around over the past few weeks and the grass is growing at an alarming rate.

The shelter is going through 48kgs of dry cat and kitten biscuit per week at the moment, along with 30kgs of roo meat.  That's not including the 200kgs of kitty litter.  Well at least it stops me from getting bored - or rich LOL.


Tayla will have to be shorn back again this year for the summer.  Her coat is so very thick and she just gets way too overheated.  Unfortunately she's also gained a considerable amount of weight over the winter months and as she gets older it's getting harder to get it off her.  So I'll be making myself really popular and putting her onto a diet.  Wish me luck because I'm going to need it. She's a bit like a hoover when it comes to food.  The kittens adore Tayla.  There's just something about her.  They all seem to take one look at her and immediately start headbutting her and rubbing all over her and snuggling into her.  She never knows what to do about it and ends up trotting around in never ending circles with the kittens rubbing into her side.

Cassie Lupa and the kittens

Well you can't say that Cassies kittens, over at Kate's place, aren't well protected.  Here we have Lupa (German Shepherd) and their Mum Cassie watching over them as they play.  Now they should be used to dogs when they grow up.  LOL

Gidget aka Babybump

Beautiful Gidget is available for pre-adoption inspection as her kittens are now pretty much weaned.  Her vet work will be completed before she's able to go off to her new home.  Now don't blame me (even though it's all my fault) that poor Gidget still answers to the nickname I gave her when she first arrived which is BabyBump.  Like I said.  Not my fault.  Well sorta not my fault.  She does answer to Gidget too.  It's just that sometimes BabyBump works better.

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