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Well it's certainly getting warmer.  I can tell by all the unconcious cats scattered around the house and grounds in the coolest spots they can find. 

It's been a chaotic few weeks with cats giving birth and a big thank you has to go to Kim and Kate for taking in the various mums with litters.  Poor Kate is rapidly running out of rooms but is doing an excellent job with the cats and kittens from the semi feral colony.  Kim has already raised one litter that has been fully adopted and another kitten out of the next litter has just been pre-adopted as well.

All the Mums will be available for adoption also and they have beautiful natures despite their rough beginnings.

2 September 2011 Eyes open

Gorgeous Lucy (above) will be available as soon as her vet work has been completed. 

Her sister Gidget (above) aka BabyBump will also be available as soon as her vet work is completed.  Both the girls spent the majority of their lives living together in the back of an abandoned truck behind a workshop after the floods.  No-one paid them any attention until they got into kitten and then it was either put them down or get them to safety here at the shelter.  Once here they responded immediately to the love and attention they received.

Beautiful Cassie

Sweet little Cassie, raised in a semi feral colony, took a whole 10 minutes to decide that soft beds, lots of tucker, fresh water and plenty of cuddles were a hell of a lot better than living rough. She hasn't quite figured out where those pesky little furballs came from yet, but after her vet work is completed she won't have to worry about that anymore.  She's only very young but she's a good Mumma and will be available for adoption once the kittens are weaned.

Her sister Pearl is also at Kate's place with a litter of kittens only a few weeks old.  She too has responded very well to a life of luxury.  The pair are almost identical and a photo of Pearl and her kittens will be uploaded asap.

Another 3 kittens arrived at Kate's today.  These are around 4-5 weeks old and I'm looking forward to uploading a photo of one of the little tykes in particular.  Kate and I both agree that it has to be a little boy.  If it turns out to be a girl, the markings just are too mean.  You'll see what I mean when the photo is finally available.  You'll also understand why, when the poor little thing is trying to be so mean and tough, we just can't help bursting into fits of laughter.  Oh he/she/it is most certainly going to end up with a complex I'm sure.

Cuddles has been adopted and will head off in a couple of weeks to her new home.  I've gotten quite used to having her around and will miss her.  But I'm happy that she won't have to share with so many other cats and will get lots of personal attention.

The adoptions have certainly slowed down when compared to previous years, but there remains a steady trickle that fortunately is enough to keep the shelter operational, just.  One problem currently being faced is the number of cats undergoing rehabilitation and therefore not available for adoption as yet.  These cats and kittens didn't choose to be abandoned and are a result of irresponsible breeding and owners who refused to desex their pets.  Most of them long for human companionship and a loving family to belong to.  They don't understand the rules of living in a home when they first arrive and most a extremely distrustful of any humans.  By the time they're ready for adoption however, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and your normal domestics, except for one large difference.  The rehab cats are always so very grateful for the love and security that they find in a loving home environment because they know what it's like to live without a family or person to love and depend on.

This is little Isis.  One of the Rehab kittens.  When she arrived she was a hissing, spitting, scratching little hellion.  If looks could kill believe me I wouldn't have stood a chance.  All her siblings converted within a few weeks into purring little darlings.  Isis however, withstood the temptation for months.  Now she's the cheekiest little imp around and she just can't get enough of getting stoked and told how gorgeous she is.  She's still not ready for adoption because she still needs to relax more around strangers, but she's well on the way and can be patted by visitors who she knows without a problem.

This is Myles.  He's only around 2 years old and arrived a couple of weeks ago.  This photo was taken within about an hour of his arrival, so you can see that he settled in very quickly.  He's a lovely natured boy and if you know anyone looking for a handsome tuxedo cat, then he's your boy.

I'm also putting out a plea for Elaine at Greys4Pets who rehomes retired Greyhounds and domestic dogs and puppies.  She's in desperate need of both dry and canned dog food and any donations would be gratefully received.  If you can help please give her a call on 5426 4567 or send me a message and I'll pass it on.

This is Ebony, one of the domestic dogs that Elaine currently has in care.  She and her puppies would not have stood a chance if Elaine hadn't taken in the heavily pregnant bitch.  She gave birth to 8 puppies who are currently growing at an alarming rate and eating everything they can get their paws on LOL.


This dog house had only just been brought out to the shelter by Rob and Connie (thanks guys) and was immediately inundated with curious puddy cats.  Honestly they really are the nosiest bunch.

It seems that I have cat carriers, scoops, litter trays and bowls spread out around the countryside at the present time with all the Mums and kittens in foster care.  Thankfully I have wonderful foster carers who let me know the minute there is any kind of problem with any of the kittens so we can deal with it straight away.  And fortunately for me they not only love the kittens but also the older cats and mothers and believe that they "all" deserve a loving home until adopted. 

The older cats particularly, who've already been betrayed by humans that they loved once in their lives, sometimes in favour of a "cute" kitten, don't need the added burden of being rejected again because they're no longer "cute".

I often hear people say that they love kittens but don't like cats!   Well a kitten is a "cute" kitten for about 12 weeks, what do they want them to do for the other 18-20 years of their lives.  Committment is committment.  Not for 12 weeks, but for 20 years if necessary.

I hope you all have a good night.  I'm about to go and see if per chance there's any room left on my bed for me.  Unlikely.  But then I'm an eternal optomist. :P

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