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Need I bother to say "It's been a hectic week"? Probably not but I did anyway :)

A big thanks to Kim for doing all the yard work on Tuesday. The place looks great and the cats are loving playing on the freshly mown lawns.

It's taking almost all day just to clean the catteries and distribute the feed and replace the waters. There seems to be little time left over to actually interact with the cats and kittens at the moment. I'm hoping that things will level out next week.

Kim's little foster kittens are really growing well and are cheeky little devils. You can't help but smile when you watch them play (or sleep) :)

I've put more photos of them into the album Mumma cat and kittens

Another little street cat arrived at the shelter this week with 6 tiny kittens. The kittens are teeny but then so is the young mother.

Cassies kittens 2 days later

See more photos at

There is yet still another litter born recently at the shelter to another very small mother but I have yet to get any decent photos of them. There are 5 tiny kittens in this next group. Their mum also started life as a street kitten but this next generation will hopefully know nothing but love and security.

Needless to say demand for kitten feed, wormers and flea treatments are currently skyrocketing. With the current batch of mothers being so young and so small themselves I'm also running extremely low on Kitten Milk which is needed to suppliment the supply from the Mums. If you happen to have any lying idly around anywhere, could you please tell it to head out my way :)

You'll be happy to know that young Sox, who recovered nicely from her broken leg, has been adopted by a loving family and from all accounts is settling in well.

Well that's about it from me for tonight. Heaps of things happened today but right now I wouldn't have a clue. :) Hope you all have a good night.

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