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Good news with Kitty finding her new home as an only cat.  After so long at the shelter, she's really going to love that.

Yes, I'll admit it.  I'm still totally exhausted at the present time.  But I figure if I just keep going then I'll be OK.  It's that darned sitting down that'll get you every time LOL.

Four more kittens have just been born at the shelter.  Their Mumma is very young but she seems to be coping well.  She's eating enough for a bull elephant, so at least she's well nourished LOL. Duke the old street cat is playing foster Dad and very proud he is too.  He's convinced that the kittens are his I think and I'm not planning on breaking the bad news to him any time soon.  And if Mumma has any sense she won't be telling him either.

There are a number of kittens in residence at the present time that need rehabilitation to overcome fear of people and new situations.  These little guys take time and there's no set rule on how long as each case is different.  Follow the link and it will take you to the newly created album for these guys

There are also a number of adult cats that have come in due to behavioural problems that have developed over a number of years.  Once again the time it takes to rectify these problems varies from case to case.  Needless to say it's always much easier to deal with the problem if you know why it started in the first place.  Unfortunately this is one aspect that you rarely discover and therefore it can take some experimentation to ferret out the likely cause and overcome it.  One of the problems is that if you can think of a mental problem that a human can have, then you've thought of a problem that a cat can also have.  We just have a bit more of a problem asking them to lie on the couch and tell us about it. LOL

Oh and by the way, if you do take a look at the Rehabilitation Centre album, you'll find Little Taffy is the last photo in there.  No she doesn't need rehabilitation, she just can't see a camera without getting in front of the confounded thing.  So she keeps popping up where she's not supposed too.  But she'd probably scratch my hand off if I deleted it.  Hey maybe she does need rehab LOL.

The new pergola area was concreted yesterday and Tony and I spent a great deal of time blocking curious cats and kittens from venturing onto the damp concrete.  I then went trotting off to Kate's place to dog and cat sit for the night and Tony went in to feed Duke and his new family. Unfortunately it was about the time that the cats start to accumulate for the night feeding etc. He was able to put up with seeing a number of them walking around on the pretty much dried concrete, but almost had a heart attack when he spotted George (who is a rather large boy with long hair) rolling gleefully all over the new surface.  Fortunately the surface concrete was dry enough and we didn't have a repeat of the unfortunate Bambi incident, when he sat in the wet concrete slab for the last cattery and got covered in concrete.  None the less, I still fully intend to tell anyone who asks in the future, that we definately planned all those little cat paw prints on the floor :)

Poor Tayla, the sheltie that little Taffy keeps playing with and running around in circles,  caused absolute chaos yesterday by suddenly disappearing.  I spent an inordinate amount of time in the morning searching for her without success.  She then reappeared as suddenly as she'd disappeared.  I'm convinced that there's a local replica of the Burmuda Triangle at the shelter somewhere that only Tayla keeps falling into.  Anyway it would appear that the little dill managed to get her nose bitten by a wasp or some other insect because she puffed up like a balloon. Fortunately it went down again after a few hours and I was able to avoid a trip into the vet with her.

Anyway that's about it for me for the time being.

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