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Well I slept for 12 hours straight last night.  Apparently I hit the perverbial brick wall LOL.

Good news with dear Smudge finding his forever home and Lynx heading off to start her new life on this Saturday.  They've both been part of the furniture around here for some time and I'm definately going to miss both of them.  Already miss Smudge standing at my side telling everyone what they should and shouldn't do LOL.

Lilly, April, Willy, Maggie and Candy headed off into Little Paws Kitten Rescue in Brisbane to be adopted from in there so I can concentrate on the older cat adoptions from BVCR.  Mind you there are still plenty of teenage and adult cats available here, along with the 2 current litters.  One litter is being fostered by Kim at Coominya and the other by Nadine in Ipswich.  All the kittens are gorgeous and the mumma cats will be desexed and offered for adoption as soon as the kittens are weaned.

I have 5 new street kittens here for rehabilitation and they will head back to Little Paws Kitten Rescue once they're ready for adoption.  Space is still at a premium but I'm hoping that with Christmas on the horizon, things will follow their normal course and the majority of the older cats will be adopted while people are on holidays. 

And the feral cat colony out here have started dropping the kittens.  Oh joy.  The process of desexing all of these cats is still ongoing but it's almost completed thank goodness.  However, now the job of taming and desexing the new kittens will begin in order to find them homes and then of course the mothers will have to be trapped and desexed asap.

This gorgeous little girl is named Winter.  This is what her current Mum wrote about her.  They desperately want to find her a new home as their work committments mean that keep moving and they want a more stable home environment for her.  (Winter/Winnie 2 years old Medium Hair Female

Winter is a beautiful young girl who we fostered at the age of 4 weeks after she was found in the drain during the Brisbane storms. We fell in love with her and have since kept her but due to our living circumstances we are looking for a permanent loving home for her.

She is a very affectionate quirky little cat, she loves to play, and explore and she is a bundle of energy!! She likes to come over for a cuddle and a pat. She likes to follow you around the house and at night will come to find you to go to sleep next to you. She is tolerant with kids as both our nephews are 3 and they have spent a lot of time with her, so she would suit a family too.

She is ok with dogs once she gets to know them and she likes to play with our friends dachshund and sleep with our sisters labrador. Has not been around other cats, she gets quite scared as she is not used to them

Winter is micro chipped, wormed, and de-sexed, registered with the council.

My contact number is 0416205721 (Ashley))

I've also added a few more designs to the CafePress shop if you'd like to take a peek.  BVCR receives 10% of all sales.   The sales will be put towards the vet expenses and additional feed required for the feral kittens this year.


The street kittens that came from Chermside in Brisbane are running amok on the back veranda at the moment and making a devil of a din.  My dear Lexie is sitting patiently at the side of my chair waiting for Mum to head off to bed.  He sleeps in the linen cupboard at night but won't go to bed until he's sure I'm tucked in for the night.  Obviously doesn't trust his Mum up on her own. LOL

For the first time in months I'm actually able to have my bedroom door (or gate) open and it seems that an ever increasing number of cats are taking advantage of being able to snuggle up with me at night.  Mind you I may regret that once the weather starts to warm up at night.

I've also cut the insect screening off the bedroom window that opens onto the back veranda, so that the street kittens can come in with me during the night when I decide it's OK.  On those nights, only a couple of the other cats will be able to come in as well.  The street kittens will certainly enjoy exploring all the nooks and hidy holes in various parts of the room.  I'll no doubt have fun finding the little devils in the morning as well LOL.

I decided to leave Cuddles out of her cattery last night because it's not all that large and I was concerned that if the rain got blowy she'd get wet.  Well, I can tell you that she was not impressed!! Mind you, I think it probably had more to do with the treats she gets at bedtime more than anything else.  She almost tripped me half a dozen times in an effort to show me that I'd forgotten to lock her up, until it suddenly dawned on her that if she wasn't locked in her cattery she could share Mums bed.  Well then it was Robbie, Dennis, Fei Fei and Hutch who weren't impressed.


Gorgeous Sox is once again available for adoption after recovering from her broken leg.  After months of confinement, she'd really appreciate an indoor home of her very own where she was the centre of attention.  According to Soxy this sharing business is highly overrated.  She gets on well with other cats and with dogs but honestly enough is enough according to her.

Remember little Rags when he arrived at the shelter and went into care with Kate

Well he's now available for adoption.  As you can see he's used to dogs LOL.  He also gets on well with other cats of all ages and people.  He's extremely loving and adores cuddles.  So if you'd like a kitten who'll fill your home with love and laughter, then Rags is your boy :)

I do wish that this weather would make up it's mind.  I keep collecting all the winter rugs from the catteries so they won't overheat and then the weather cools down again and I have to replace them all.  I think I'll just end up installing a conveyor belt at this rate.

I'm frantically trying to stock up on dry and canned kitten food for the Christmas rush period and the kitten onslaught that is pretty much in full swing at the moment.  If anyone comes across inexpensive cat wormers and flea and tick treatments can you let me know so I can purchase some while they're on special.  I have a nasty feeling that I'm going to need a lot of both this year.

This is sweet little Gidget and one of her new born kittens.  The little family is being fostered by Nadine in Ipswich.  Gidget is only around 11 mths old herself but as you can see, she takes being a Momma very seriously.  Before arriving at the shelter Gidget and her sister (who is currently in foster with Kim) were living in an abandoned truck behind an industrial workshop.  The pair had been alone since the January floods.

As you can see, the little foster kittens at Kim's place are doing very well indeed.  And boy do they get into some mischief LOL.

Well that's about it for now.  I hope you all have a good night. :)

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