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OK there are some days when you just shouldn't get out of bed.  Today was one of those days.

All the adults and kittens from a local cat colony were finally rounded up and taken to the vets today and guess what, all of the females are pregnant.  That's 3 adult females and about 7 young females under 12 mths of age.  Some are ready to drop within the next week.  That's potentially a minimum of 40 kittens & Mums (assuming each mother only has 3 kittens, which is highly unlikely).

A friend of mine who's taken in my latest arrival mother cat and her 5 kittens, has also just found out that the 2 young 12 mth old females that she took into temporary foster care for another group, are also both pregnant.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that my Mumma cats sister arrived a couple of days ago and guess what? Yep you got it, she's also pregnant.  So best case scenario is that within the next few months BVCR is going to be up for desexing and neutering at least 50 cats and kittens.

It's going to take a hell of a lot of extra time and work to try and get the semi feral kittens (soon to be born) completely friendly, and keep them that way dispite the warnings of their mothers, until their old enough to be weaned.  They will unfortunately have to stay with the now re-released colony because there's simply no space available anywhere else to keep them.  These kittens will be desexed asap and offered for adoption.  So for goodness sake keep an eye on the kitten adoption page PLEASE and tell your friends as well.  At the same time the teenage mothers will have to be either desexed and domesticated or desexed and released back where they came from. Fortunately this is OK with the lady doing the feeding because she's on a large acreage. However, I'm hoping that a major percentage of them can be rehomed as family pets once the required work is put into them, because they truly are beautiful cats.

It looks like a hectic few months ahead.  I was so pleased with myself because all the cats and kittens at BVCR have had all their vet work completed.  Yeah well.  Now it all starts again with a vengeance.

I don't ask for donations very often, but unfortunately this time I have no option.  When you take into account the desexing, vaccinating, microchipping, worming and feed and litter required by so many hungry little mouths I really do need to ask this time.  But I must point out that any donation that you give will not be tax deductible because BVCR is not a registered tax deductible gift recipient.  If you can find it in your heart to help these little ones find a brighter future, please donate (no matter how little) by going to  and as a reference just put "Kitten Season" and the money will be allocated to their upcoming vet work.  Thank you

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so very sad, I will get some money together Louise. It is just heartbreaking because there are just so many out there. BVCR do such a brillant job and have so many beautiful cats already needing forever homes. Keep your chin up Louise, I will always do what i can to help as I am sure all your supporters will. xx

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jeuleine furlong
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Hi Louise-you would think they would wait until it is Spring. Shall get to the bank probably on Wed. afternoon and will put in our sponsor money plus a donation. All is well here but the three of them love going outside in their jackets. Should say two as Sheeba is so well behaved that she goes out without hers. As long as we are there she is ok. Tabatha loves going out and hunting amongst the leaves. Katie is another story-she just wants to go out the side gate and head for the highway, or the nearest drain. I am sure she would make it back to your place if we let her go. She has made a dash for it out the door this week but luckily stopped to sniff the car so I was able to catch her. Gave me a bit of a fright. Anyway that is all our cat news at present. Love from us here.

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Hi Jeuleine, maybe you need to attach Katie to a long piece of elastic and just watch her twang back when she reaches the end. LOL  Serve her right!!!!  I'm sure Tabatha and Sheeba would agree and probably enjoy the show LOL

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Laurie Mac
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Hi Louise, will put money into your account today.  Good luck with all the new arrivals!

ps: Marble is still very happy, healthy & delightful.



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