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Unfortunately the tidal wave of abused, abandoned and surrendered pets continues to increase.  Small No Kill shelters like BVCR have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume clambering to get in through their doors, particularly over the past 12 months.

Be it a kitten, teenage or adult cat, the best long term solution to the problem, is to make sure that you adopt your new companion from a No Kill shelter or rescue group.  These cats and kittens will have been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed prior to being offered for adoption. 

One of the many reasons why cats and kittens end up in situations where they may end up being put down, is because owners have tried to find them a placement in a No Kill shelter or rescue group, only to find that there are simply no spaces available.  The more cats and kittens that can be adopted via the No Kill shelters and rescue groups, the more cats and kittens can be accepted into safety until new homes are found.

Unless the powers that be bite the bullet so to speak, and bring in compulsory desexing for all but purebred cats owned by registered breeders, the problem will inevitably continue to escalate.

On the assumption that the legislation is unlikely to eventuate in anything resembling the near future then a fundamental change in thinking has to take place.  If 1000 cats and kittens are adopted from No Kill shelters and rescue groups then there will be another 1000 able to be taken into safety.  That's 2000 safe and secure.  If 1000 cats and kittens aren't adopted then there's only the original already resident 1000 that remain safe and a gridlock occurs.  At that point the other 1000 are put in harms way because there's nowhere for them to go.  Many of these would then be dumped or abandoned, most will not have been desexed and bingo you have a minimum of say 5000 stray cats after the first 12 months.  It's late and I know that my maths could be more exact but you get the drift.

Living example of a dumped mother and kittens that wouldn't have made it but for the generous supporters of BVCR.  A big thanks has to go to Anne for her loving care of the young family. Had room not been available at the time this beautiful cat and her new born kittens would have been put down.  All were subsequently desexed etc and found loving homes. 

Here are but a few more examples of survivors, who owe their thanks to the generous support of people from all walks of life, who believe in the No Kill philosophy here at BVCR.

Little Rastus found at about 2 days of age alone in the middle of the bush.  Hand raised by Kate.

Products of an unplanned mating, explained by the all too familiar statement "I didn't get her desexed because she's never allowed outside".

Found with her 2 brothers beside her deceased Mum locked in an abandoned house.

The boys relaxing in the sun waiting for their new homes.

Found starving in a farm shed.

One of 5 siblings dumped in a box.

Little Rags, dumped in a box at about 3 weeks of age.

Little Rastus on arrival at Kate's for fostering.

The continuing operation of kitten mills, where mother cats are kept in deplorable conditions and continue to breed until their systems can no longer take the strain is enabled every time someone buys a kitten from a pet shop or a backyard breeder on line.  Please think before you buy and consider the long term results of your decision.  A line has to be drawn somewhere.  And that line starts one person at a time.  You are that person.

I look forward to the day when this shelter is no longer required. 

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Very well put Lou. A pity you couldn't put it in the local rag to get the message out, but I agree with you as to why you can't.



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