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Things here have been more than chaotic they've been insane for the past few months as you may have already guessed.

Recently adopted have been Smokey, Simon, Phoebe. 

I received a call the other week from a couple desperate to find someone to care for their 2 x 6 year old female cats, one black and the other a tortie.  They'd tried everyone they knew plus advertising for months and had run out of time to find a placement for their much loved companions.  At an age when they had to move home they were horrified that they were quickly reaching a point where there was only one alternative left to them.  Although there is currently still no room available at the shelter, there are some situations where you simply cannot say no.  This shelter was founded to find homes for older cats and dispite the fact that so many young kittens arrived during the floods and many have still not moved, I agreed to take in these two for the sake of their owners as much as themselves.  Fortunately Helen has volunteered to take them into foster and so they won't add to the numbers already here.

Another new arrival was a young female cat who'd washed down during the floods.  She and her sister had taken up residence at a workshop near Toowoomba and were being fed by staff.  The boss wasn't overly keen on the idea but he let it continue until she gave birth a few days ago to a litter of 5 kittens.  The boss said she had to go and so staff phoned both the RSPCA and the local pounds and were told in both instances that they'd be put down automatically.  Needless to say the guys weren't happy with this result and after much searching found the shelter.  I figure Mum, who's only about 12 mths old, didn't go through all of this just to be euthanased and her bubs deserved a better chance at life than that.  My hero in this instance was Kim who took the Mum and kittens into foster care, again ensuring that the numbers here didn't increase.

The guys are currently trying to capture her sister who isn't as friendly as Mumma cat.

Meanwhile if you remember little Rags who arrived malnourished and teeny at around 4 weeks of age and went into foster care with Kate.  Well this is him now and he's available for preadoption inspection if anyone would like to meet him.  I know that I've been having a lot of difficulty prying him away from everyone visiting.  It's a wonder he isn't a lot longer after all the pulling and tugging to drag him out of their arms LOL.   I've also added a lot more photos of him to the album "Rags" in the photo gallery.


The street kittens that arrived from Chermside are progressing well and will have all their vet work completed shortly.  They still have to get used to all the sounds that go with a normal household though and so it will be a few weeks before they're added to the adoption listings.  Space is my enemy at the present time and I desperately need to get additional catteries up so I can have the manouvering room to move the cats and kittens around when needed.  Unfortunately at the present time more people are adopting small kittens and not considering the benefits of an older kitten or cat that has already gone through the kitten stage and knows the rules.  There are some truly gorgeous older kittens here available for adoption at the present time and I still refuse to adopt out small kittens during their cutsy stage.  I'll get a phone call asking if I have any cute kittens available for adoption and I say that I don't have any small kittens but I do have some available from 5 mths up.  The answer is more often than not, no thanks we're after a cute one.  My answer to that is that in 12 weeks time the cute one will also be 5 mths old and won't be cutsy for the next 18-20 years.  What then?

Dear Sox has had her cast removed from her broken leg but isn't allowed outside, because the first thing she always does is go straight up the nearest tall object, be it a tree or the tank stand. She will have to be rehomed as an inside cat only, who's only allowed outside either under supervision or into a cattery to get some sun and exercise.  I know that she'll no doubt be OK but quiet frankly I'm way to nervous about her jumping off high objects these days.  She'll be fine as an inside cat because she does love being spoiled and pampered and would be in her element. The only problem at the shelter is that she can't be inside and so I'd really like to find her a loving home as quickly as possible.  Either that or a doting foster parent.

Sox - Available for adoption

It was wonderful to finally find the right home for Smokey.  He's a gorgeous cat and after everything he went through before arriving at the shelter, he really deserved the best home possible.  He's now settled in with his new family and is being spoiled rotten.  It's the very best outcome I could have wished for.

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Thanks for the great post, I always like reading them. Muma cat and kittens are very settled and very happy!

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I knew they would be with you Kim.  You always spoil them LOL.  But good news is also that Luke has phoned and they've caught her sister and she's on her way here as I type.  So now they're both safe and can find loving homes soon instead of trying to survive on their wits alone and afraid.

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