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OK I'm going to have to get my act together and make more regular posts.  But with the huge number of cats and kittens here at the present time and so many requiring additional attention there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I'm desperately hoping that the online auction currently being held by Skeleton Closet on Facebook will produce sufficient funds to enable the building of an additional cattery and enough to begin desexing all of the cats and kittens currently on the waiting list.  They can't be added to the adoption listing until all their vet work is completed and they're getting larger by the day. 

There have been no additional adoptions for ages but I'm still receiving calls on a daily basis from people wanting to hand their cats in.  Unfortunately until the adoptions begin to roll again there simply isn't any room available and people almost always seem to leave it until the last minute and so what's becoming of the cats and kittens at this stage I hate to think.   The shelter has never gone through a period like this one where there simply are no enquiries whatsoever.  But things will improve given time but in the meantime I've got to find a way to keep everything running which isn't proving as easy as it may look.  Fortunately Tony, one of my loyal foster carers, has moved in with his 3 cats, and his two little foster kittens, Marble and Clancy, and will remain until he finds suitable rental accommodation that will accept his furbabies. He's not only helping out with the heavy work around the shelter but is also concentrating on socialising the various street cats and kittens here at the present time so they can be made ready for adoption.  I doubt very much if I can thank him enough for this because I just haven't had the time available that they need of late and he's a natural.

Bert and Boof are two adorable little dogs who arrived about a month ago.  They are 10 year old brothers and have been together all their lives.  Unfortunately, about a week ago, while I was with Sox at her weekly vet visit to check on her cast, someone stole little Boof (blue collar). Although little Bert is missing his brother I know he'll be OK.  However, it's little Boof that I'm worried about because he has health issues, is now in a strange place and doesn't have his little brother with him.  Considering that these people stole the little guy in the first place I'm just so worried about his future.  He didn't ask to be stolen and whereas before his had a safe and happy home and the companionship of his brother, he's now out in the world on his own, confused and lost and I can only pray that whoever took him will give him the love and care that he so deserves.  If by any chance they're reading this, please know that Boof is welcome back here at any time no questions asked but please, please don't leave him alone and afraid somewhere because it wasn't his idea to be taken away from his brother in the first place. 

A couple of nights ago Tony and I had just sat down after a hectic day and I commented on the fact that for once it seemed like it was going to be a nice quiet night.  I'd managed to rearrange the cats a little a few days beforehand and all the teenagers were settled into the large cattery out the back.  Kim's little ones were happily installed into their new little cattery and all was well with the world.  There were still a number of older cats that were living in the house at night due to lack of accommodation, but these were still wandering around as it wasn't yet time for them to be called in.  We had a much needed sip of our coffee when Shiloh casually wandered through the kitchen into the bathroom.  Oh drat!!!  She must have gotten out earlier in the day when we fed the teenagers.  Oh well, I'd finish my coffee and then put her back in.  Dallas then sauntered in though the cat door, gave me a little hello and toddled off into the lounge closely followed by her brother Mystic.  This was not looking so good all of a sudden.  I looked at Tony, Tony looked at me and we both grabbed torches and dashed outside.  When we'd arrived home that day one of the volunteers had been here and had apparently not closed the gate on the teenage cattery hard enough and it'd taken them until now to realise that they could actually open it. Tony had Shiloh tucked under his arm we were faced with all the teenagers happily cavorting around the place in pitch darkness, leaping over each other and racing hell for leather across the lawn in all directions.  We gave up as it was completely useless to try and catch them individually because in order to do that you had to shine the torch in their direction to see them and then they started chasing the torch light.  We headed back to the house and I turned on the outside floodlight near the kitchen.  Gradually they all headed to the ramp where they normally grouped at night prior to heading inside before the cattery had been available to move them into.  Because the younger cats had been placed into the cattery we suddenly found ourselves faced with an unexpected problem (no not that one, another one).  Benches and table tops suddenly took on a whole new facination because they hadn't been into the house for, oh gee, a whole 2 days, so they were into everything investigating what had changed.  By the time the 10th cat had decided to check out the fry pan we decided to stick it into the grill on the stove (the frypan not the cat).  Yes I do have a gas stove in the kitchen.  It's not actually hooked up to anything, but it's just darn nice having it there and knowing that sooner or later it will be working.  Tends to help make the kitchen look a bit more kitcheny :) Anyway back to the puddycats.  Having lost the frypan they decided to turn their attention to our newly cut pumpkin (the one the possum isn't eating).  That went into the oven (no not the possum, the pumpkin).  In order for the big bag of rice not to end up shredded and all over the floor, it went into the old freezer in the kitchen that I use for cat sachets. The meat that had been thawing out for the cats went into storage in the top microwave and the chicken pieces that we'd been feeding to the kittens and were planning on cutting all the remaining meat off for the next day went into the bottom microwave.  The cake etc (being a mudcake I wasn't letting it go without a fight) went into the crockery cupboard.  Poor little Bert, suddenly finding himself surrounded by teenage cats retreated to his bed, crawled in under his little blanky and tried to look invisible for the rest of the night.  Smudge gave up growling at everyone and retreated to the lounge and went to bed early as well.

Fearing a stampede of teenage cats dear old Lexie stayed in the kitchen to protect Mum although I must admit that he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else at the time.  Then low and behold in walked Sarge and Missy.  Tony had only seen them from a distance because they don't like strangers and I refer to them as my little ferals, which of course is how they started out in life.  They're brother and sister and the richest, deepest dark grey tabbies with rich, stunning green eyes.  Once they'd decided to join in the fun in the kitchen they couldn't resist the urge to get patted as well and so Tony had his first pat of Missy who decided that she liked it and flatly refused to go away.  Sarge took the occasional accidental walk past Tony and got a back rub for his trouble then decided to go to sleep on one of the chairs.  By this time Missy also decided it was time for a catnap and unfortunately selected Lexie's bed to have it in.  Forever the gentleman Lexie allowed her use it and besides he was still busy protecting Mum.  It took about 3 hours for the mayhem to calm down and for everyone to find a suitable sleeping spot inside.  Lexie never got his bed back but fortunately he's used to sharing and ended up curled up beside my bed on one of my fleecy tops turned inside out for his comfort.

Next morning when I could actually see what was happening, I got the remaining chicken out of the microwave, called dinner and after tripping on a dozen or so over eager teenage cats managed to make it into the cattery, where they swooped on the dish and I made my escape. That was about 6 am and I decided to hop back into bed so I could experience the sheer joy of being able to lie straight for an hour or so and see if I could convince my back to stop looking like a corkscrew after spending the night in this kind of S bend shape woven between sleeping cats.

I've got to be stark staring mad.  If I'm not, I darn soon will be. :)

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