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Well it's been an interesting few weeks here as you may have guessed from the lack of information coming out LOL.

The renovations have begun and instead of running and hiding like normal cats and kittens, this bunch of nitwits have been sticking their little heads into everything and making real nuisances of themselves.  It doesn't matter if a wall is being knocked down or a nail gun is being used, the poor builder has to contend with an audience of about 15 or more cats clustered around investigating his every move.  You can see him walking out to his ute to get something with this little line of loyal followers tagging after him to ensure he doesn't get lost on the way back to the house.  When he sits down to have a cuppa or his lunch, he has a little cluster lying around his chair, with at least one on his lap and Kerri inevitably sitting on the table immediately in front of him just staring adoringly into his eyes, and giving him little headbutts if he leans forward.

Cuddles trots around at his side like a puppy all day long.

One unfortunate side effect of the renos is that poor little Sox now has a broken leg and is confined to a cage on the front porch with a big cast and has to remain quiet for weeks.  I can't let her out because the first thing she's going to do is attempt to jump and that just will not do.  She was playing with the others late one afternoon when the porch renos had just begun and the ramp had been removed in order to extend the porch.  Unfortunately she raced out the kitchen door and hung a hard left as normal and just plummeted off the porch onto timber piled below. It was a very messy break and she's not a happy little camper at the moment.  But she'll be fine just so long as she behaves herself.   She's off for her first weekly checkup tomorrow.  Because the weather is so cool she has to have either a heat pack or hot water bottle at night to keep her cool and it loses heat during the night believe me I get to know all about it and have to get up to reheat it to her satisfaction.  Bossy little devil.

On Friday a new concrete slab was laid for an additional cattery out the back.  That afternoon I called the teenage boys in for the night and realised that Bambi was missing.  Now considering that Bambi's main aim in life is to ensure that he reaches the size of a Maine Coon it's unusual for him to miss a meal.  Naturally like any good Mums I went looking for the little darling.  There he sat at about 4.30pm in the afternoon contentedly grooming himself.  Not unusual you may think, until you realise that he was sitting in the middle of the new, still wet, concrete slab.  Fortunately it's not as wide as it is long and I was able to reach the thick headed dope and pluck him out without making too much of a mess of the slab. He's just darn lucky that he didn't lose half his coat in the process. Mind you the twit had actually suck a few inches into it with his backside and being a semi long haired cat the results were not pleasant.  I then proceeded, dispite all the loud and long protests, to bath him in lots of warm water for what seemed like hours in order to get all the damp concrete off his legs, backside and coat.  By the time I'd finished he looked like a huge drowned rat and behaved like a tiger with a toothache. He was then put into the cattery after being towelled dry as much as possible, where he then proceded to be investigated from top to toe by everyone else.  To say the boy was not in a good mood by this time would have been an understatement.  I then had to return to the concrete slab and try and undo the damage done or I would have spent the rest of my life falling down the Bambi sized hole in the middle of the darn thing.  As it is there are still little cat paw prints all over the place but by then I figured I could pretend that they were put there as decoration :)

This week also saw the arrival of 3 gorgeous little street kittens to join the other 2 already here from the same colony, who've been happily running amok on the front porch.  There is a particular little grey kitten that is absolutely gorgeous but as wild as all get out.  The porch had been extended and the new section meshed in just before their arrival and everything would have been fine for any normal kittens. But then this little darling is anything but normal.  At this stage I have no idea if it's a boy or a girl because I don't have a death wish :)  I put out lots of dry kitten biscuit, some fresh meat, fresh water and lots of warm cosy bedding.  The other two kittens had been running around on the porch for a week or so with no problems and so the new three, because they all came from the same colony and were likely to be related, were released with them and I opened the gate between the two sections on the porch to give them more room to play and investigate.  I returned about 5 minutes later, just in time to see a little teeny grey backside disappear through the mesh and up onto the outside timber roof beam.  To my horror this stubborn manic little angel had managed to force it's way through steel mesh through sheer stubborn determination.  I began mumbling nasty things to myself and quickly rounded up the other kittens and put them into the old half of the front porch were I knew they could escape.  Fortunately I had the porch divided into two and the old section has stronger, thicker steel mesh.  The newer section is obviously slightly more malliable.  There it sat on the outside beam, glaring at me defiantly and daring me to come too close.  The hisses and spits left no doubt what this tiny little hellion had in mind.  I grabbed a screwdriver and undid the screws holding that section of mesh and gently tried to coax the kitten back through but he (I'll it a he for now) was having none of it.  I then thought of the fish net that I've used in the past to wrangle problem kittens when needed and went to get it.  I was only gone about 60 seconds and when I returned I was priviliaged to get another glimpse of the little grey backside disappearing up onto the outside roof itself.  Oh blinking hell how in the world was I going to get the little twerp down from there.  I dashed outside and saw it trotting happily up the roof and down the other side. Nice to know one of us was having fun. Well I couldn't very well climb up the ladder to get it, number one my arthritis wouldn't permit such a silly move and number two the idea of actually catching the little spitfire and having to carry it back down a ladder for some reason wasn't particularly appealing.  Yeah I know, silly of me.  Anyway my best bet was the fact that sooner or later it would be drawn back to it's little mates on the porch.  So I put out a plate of whiskas sachets out knowing that the smell of the feed would reach the culprit and opened the outside gate onto the new porch section.  What I hadn't banked on was the speed at which junior could move.  By the time I returned to the glass doors inside to take up position for what I assumed would be a long wait for the kittens return, he'd already left and roof and was devouring the plate of food.  I had to do a quick U turn and dash out and close the gate without spooking him and then make it back inside, figure out a way to actually get past him without him climbing back up the mesh for another great escape because don't forget that by this time I'd actually removed the panel that he'd gone through in the first place.  How I did it I don't know but fortunately he was so busy eating that he didn't take fright, well not straight away anyway.  He had the good sense to finish his meal before throwing yet another monumental tantram.  He started heading up the mesh and I had no way to actually stop him or catch him.  I had to act fast and so I grabbed one of the cat rugs that I'd so carefully placed to keep the little angels warm and started blocking his path with it.  He then tried to do a ceiling walk and lost his footing and hit the deck and shot off through the adjoining gate into the old section with the other kittens who'd been watching the whole fiasco with awe on their little faces.  Sparky on the other hand was watching with a look of "What the hell is he doing?" on his face. LOL  I quickly closed the gate and breathed a huge sign of relief.  I was not terribly impressed when I saw the little devil, down the remainder of the food in with his siblings and then immediately curl up on one of the little padded kitten beds with what I swear was a little grin on his face and almost immediately drop off to sleep. Apparently escaping is tiring work on a little bloke.

Good news also on the adoption front with Grayce, Grommet, Olly and Candyman all heading off to their new homes.

Another handsome new arrival is Dennis, a magnificent all black male who is now available for adoption. 

I've also updated the photo album Robs Photos in the gallery for pictures taken today when Rob and Connie came for a visit.

Little Lilly is staying at Kate's place kitten sitting little Rags because she's so gentle and patient with the little fellow.  He was getting lonely on his own and Lilly is teaching him all kinds of fun stuff.  Also Lilly has developed quite a crush on Kate's youngest male Kodi LOL.

Misty the Ragdoll boy is coming along nicely and is bulking up and getting used to being picked up and cuddled.  He's enjoying his stints outside in the sun and is getting along well now with both the dogs and the other cats.

I had better sign off because Lexie is giving me disgruntled looks because he's trying to sleep and keeps putting his paws over his eyes and yawning at me.

I hope everyone has a good night.

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