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OK I'll admit it.  Last month kind of got away on me :)

Well Easter didn't see any adoptions but with any luck at all things will now pick up with the majority of the public holidays behind us for the year. 

I often hear comments about the fact that the majority of the cats seem to get along so very well together both male and female.  There are obnoxious exceptions of course but even these hold the disruption to a minimum and don't actually get into fights as such.  I have Lexie and Robbie to thank for this wonderful situation.

Lexie is top cat here at BVCR and it's because of his patient guidance that things work so well.  He shattered his hip when he was young and because of the fact that the hip joint was removed and he depends on muscle only to walk etc people have always been afraid that it would cause problems later on and so he missed out on being adopted.  Well 11 years on and he's still going strong and you'd never know that he had any type of problem unless you were told.  The only thing he can't do is climb a tree easily.  Now Lexie doesn't have a mean bone in his body and truth be told he used to win plenty of fights in the old days with the occasional wild cat that ventured into the shelter to cause trouble. However, as he's aged and because there are so many male cats in residence and because Robbie is a smart boy, Lexie now has a second in command.  Mind you Robbie has no intention of trying to take Lexie's place because there's no way in the world that he could patiently put up with the bull that Lexie does.  However, what Robbie does do is ensure that none of the newly arrived street cats or ferals try to challenge Lexie for leadership.

Robbie is extremely diplomatic when carrying out his duties and I'm not at all sure that Lexie is completely aware of just how much Robbie does.  Robbie knows only too well that if Lexie was toppled from top position that the resultant vaccuum would cause no end of trouble.  He also knows that no other cat, including himself, could quell any problems as quickly and easily as Lexie can.  As he is only 5 or so years old Robbie could very easily take over command but he has no intention of doing so.  All Robbie does is ensure that the others take note of what Lexie wants them to do and between the two of them with Lexie as leader and Robbie acting as enforcer everything runs smoothly and everyone lives together in relative harmony.  There will always be the occasional spat between the younger cats but there's never anything serious or physical.

Dear young Dotti certainly knows how to make the most of the warmth on top of the main cattery complex to get the best of the Autumn sun.  And you need not think that he's likely to bother moving unless there's plenty of good tucker on offer down below either. LOL

Obviously any vehicle parked anywhere near the main cattery complex is fair game.  Here Princess on the top and Cuddles about to make the leap have finally found something that they agree on LOL.  Cars are fun!!

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