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Good news today is that Spider went off to his new home when his new Mum and Dad decided that they couldn't wait until after Easter to collect him.  Well done Spider. :)

It's so easy to see that it's cooler in the mornings with the cats and kittens charging madly in all directions having the time of their lives.  It tends to make walking anywhere a bit hazzardous though LOL.

Young Patch, a mini foxie cross, was neutered today and will be available for adoption as soon as I can get a decent photo of him.  He's a handsome and very active little chap but will need good fences in his new home.  The poor little fellow was on his lead this morning on the way to the car to go to the vet when I decided to open the cattery gates to allow the cats and kittens to have a play while I was away just in case it rained later on.  Patch didn't know which was to turn as he was suddenly confronted by a tidal wave of oncoming felines :)

The kittens that I was concerned may not survive now seem to have turned the corner and are looking absolutely wonderful.  They've always been happy and active little tykes but now they look the part as well.

Little Rastina (above) is thriving under Kates tender loving care.  Lupa her german shepherd is busily playing kitten sitter again, just like he did with Rastus about a year ago.   I have no idea how long this adorable little one was alone before being found and brought to the shelter but she tried to eat the aluminium tray holding her dinner during her first feed and went absolutely crazy when I tried to detach her and position her properly.  She's only so very young, that the idea that someone could be callous enough to have just left her alone to die of starvation and dehydration is unbelievable.  At Kate's place she gets the best of everything, including a little heat pack, big teddy to snuggle into, lots of little feeds, more guardians than she knows what to do with and a heated room when it starts to get too cool.  Kate has to put a towel over her little play area in order to get her to go to sleep or she snuggles under big teddy, pokes her little head out and attentively watches everything that's going on.  She's picked up so very much since arrival and she's so very perky.  She's even using her little litter tray.

Beautiful little Meesha is available for adoption and she really is as beautiful as she looks.  She's only a little under 4 mths old and will make an ideal companion for a family.  She's used to childrren and is full of fun.  If you know anyone looking for a gorgeous young addition to their family then they can't go wrong with Meesha.  See the kittens available page for contact details.

I opened up my email this morning and had 54 incoming messages.  As usual at the moment, not one of them was an enquiry about adopting a cat or kitten, but were all people wanting to rehome their companions.  Every rescue organisation that I know of is in the same boat, grossly overcrowded, with never before seen numbers of people trying to coearse them into taking on even more.  I get so annoyed when people tell me that they can't afford to keep their cat for one reason or another.  I'm one woman caring for over 94 cats and kittens, all in excellent condition and health, all loved, all waiting for that perfect home.  How?  I haven't been on a holiday for 42 years, not even a full day away,  Would I love to, yes, do I dream about getting away for a short time just to unwind and relax, yes, but I don't because I have responsibilities.  Did anyone tell me that I had to have these responsibilities, no.  I made the decision myself.  Did anyone tell all these people that they had to have their family pet. No.  They made the decision themselves.  Well guys, live with it.  The cat or kitten loves and trusts you - try and be worthy of that trust. 

These are the excuses that I hear every single day and my take on them. "I can't afford to keep my cat anymore, I'm so upset because I love him/her so very much, it breaks my heart" If you use extra fuel going out or to the coast, if you buy coffees or lunch during the week, if you go to the pictures, if you buy new clothes that you don't really need, if you buy something new for your home that you don't really need (note I don't say want, I say "need"), if you buy yourself treats like chocolates, if you want to move to a new place that's a bit more upmarket, but they don't allow pets, if you leave lights turned on when not in a room, if you make unnecessary telephone calls particularly on mobile phones, if you have a hifi or the newest technology in some form or other, then suck it up mate because you decided to become the most important thing in your pets life when you took it home, so you accept that responsibility & temporarilly do without something that you don't need. or you spend your  time (no matter how long it takes) and effort to find your little mate a good and loving home yourself and make sure that it's safe with people who do care and will be loved. 

And don't even consider telling me how much you love your little mate if it hasn't been desexed either.  And don't even think about telling me that it's always indoors so it didn't need to be desexed.  You have no idea the number of indoor only cats I have turn up with a litter of kittens because a visitor or someone, sometime left a door or window open and Fluffy went walkabout at the wrong time.  Not to mention the long term health benefits of desexing in relation to cancers etc.  Don't tell me they haven't been vaccinated because they're indoor only because you can transfer the deadly deseases on your clothing or shoes, so no they're not safe. 

Also don't try telling me that you've been trying unsuccessfully to find a home for an unexpected litter of kittens and need to hand them in because you can't handle them anymore when they turn out to be only 5 or 6 weeks old.  Don't bother telling me either that they're messy little buggars when I find out that the only reason why they're messy is because you've been too cheap to provide a litter tray for them.  What did you expect them to do, cross their legs for 6 weeks?

And of course the really good one. "Well if you don't take him/her/them I'll just have to take them to the pound and they'll be put down, and I really don't want to have to do this, but I'll have no choice".  This one really gets me.  Yes you do have a choice.  You do for your one, two or six what you expect me and other caring people to do with 94 others here as well.  You take the time (as much as is needed) and you find them a home yourself or you wait patiently until there's room available at a safe shelter for them.  You do not try and blackmail people who are already overloaded taking care of everyone elses responsibilites.

All this having been said there are genuine cases out there who do need help desperately.  But if everyone keeps phoning and emailing and getting their sob stories ready beforehand then how are we (all rescue organisations) supposed to be able to tell which are the genuine cases?  These people really do need help and have legitimately tried every avenue available to them and risk not being able to get their truly beloved companion into a shelter and safety because people who just don't care have made us all too cynical.

Little Cosmo above was born into a local street cat colony but much prefers life indoors and the comfort of a good lounge chair.  Cosmo is only 4 mths old and is available for preadoption inspection as her vet work is still to be completed.  She's used to children and dogs and will make an excellent addition to any family.  Let me know if you or anyone you know would like to meet this little treasure. 

Little Lilly is also available for preadoption inspection and is full of fun and life's just one big adventure.  She's extremely loving and purrs constantly.  She's used to children, dogs and other cats and will be a gorgeous addition to your family.  Here she was helping with the bbq.  Well that's what she wanted us to believe anyway LOL  She's a rich black and white and she loves cuddling up with you in bed at night.  She also enjoys jumping on Jena's tail and watching her jump LOL

Everyone will be happy to know that young Sparky who lost his brother Tyson to the snake attack has now made friends with Grommit and is getting lots of pats and cuddles.  He still misses his brother but he's settling down nicely.  He's a long haired ginger boy and will be available for adoption as soon as his vet work has been completed.

The cats are currently consuming 56kgs of Supercoat dry feed per week plus 40kgs of meat.  The meat incease is due to the number of growing kittens currently in residence.  They're also managing to go through 100kgs of cat littler per week as well.  Then of course there's desexing, vaccinating, microchipping, worming, flea treatments and other vet work needed on sick cats and kittens that may arrive.  This is why I've had to increase the amount of the surrender fees that apply. 

If anyone is interested in either adopting or fostering Smudge please let me know.  He's a gorgeous and very loving boy who's used to dogs, cats and children.  He's very well behaved but with him being almost 8 years old, I'd like to see him settled into a family environment as soon as possible.  He gets very devoted and I'm afraid that if he doesn't find a home soon then he's going to become way too attached to me and I don't want that to happen because he deserves the security of his own home and family or person.

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Good on you Lou!!  Hope you stuck that on your Facebook page as well Interesting how so many people seem to think that everyone but themselves are complete idiots. The guilt trip agument is always a good one. Love it :P



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