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I often hear the comment that it's such a shame that so and so has spent so long at the shelter before finding their forever home.  I agree to a point.  You see my take on that comment is that yes it would be a shame, most definitely, if the cats and kittens didn't believe that they already had a home, but they do.  Once accepted there is no deadline or cut off point.  They're safe and secure until the right person or family comes along.  It may be a day, a week or a year but sooner or later the right one will arrive and the cat will go off happily to their new forever home.  In the meantime it's my job to make sure that they have as much love and attention I can give them, particularly the abuse cases.

Some of these abused cats take what seems like forever to learn to trust people again, but that's OK, they can take their time and they're not rushed.  I've had people comment that such and such a cat will never find a home because they won't go to people and they basically write them off.  A few months later the same people will comment on the loving cat rubbing around their legs and are amazed to learn that it's the same cat.

Fortunately the shelter is located in the center of 40 acres and is surrounded by open grassland and bushland.  It's peaceful and quiet and perfect for helping the cats to relax after suffering trauma.  The cats that are released for runs during the day roam freely with dogs, chickens and a myriad of wild birds.  When it's time to go back into their respective catteries there's no way for me to sneak down with their meat for a peaceful dishing out.  I'm always spotted by at least one cat or kitten, who's excited meows bring the rest racing at break neck speed, and I end up negotiating a sea of little furry monsters who insist that I move faster to get the tucker dished out.  I would of course, if they'd just get the darn heck out of the way.

At night those cats that wait for me to go to bed before coming inside congregate on the ramp leading to the kitchen and often share their dry biscuits with mother possums and their offspring. They all have their set routines and positions on the ramp and I turn on the outside floodlights to keep an eye on them and check that no-one gets into mischief.  Robbie is notorious for casually flipping others off the ramp and looking really innocent while doing it LOL.

New arrivals stay in the house behind mesh doors, not solid doors like in most homes, and can get to know the others while still in the safety of their own rooms.  They can see what goes on and don't feel isolated even though they're separated to begin with.  Once they've selected a mate, from one of the older cats that wander past, they can be released into the main cattery with their new friend who'll teach them the ropes and make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Sometimes they'll select one of the dogs, either Jena or Tayla as their friend, and that's OK too.

Any orphaned kittens that arrive are looked after by everyone, but the teenage boys take particular responsibility for the toddlers and make wonderful foster Dads.  They have infinite patience with the little ones and make sure they don't get into trouble.  Mind you, some of the little tykes tend to grow up with a bit of a superiority complex after being so carefully protected but that just can't be helped.

For me days consist of litter trays, filling feed and water bowls, doing fleaing and worming and bathing and administering medications when needed.  Washing bedding, trays, scoops, vet appts, email and phone calls.  But then there's sitting in the swing seat with a hot cup of coffee and watching the cats and kittens playing or relaxing in the shade, chasing butterflies, rolling, tumbling and leaping over one another.  There's cuddle time and play time and the sheer and utter joy of watching a cat or kitten that arrived, in some cases, so very afraid of people purring contentedly in the arms of it's new Mum and Dad.  Or watching a cat or kitten that arrived in such a bad state that I wondered if it would ever recover, racing across the yard with the sunlight gleaming off it's coat, full of fun, energy and plain old fashioned excitement for life.

So don't worry if a cat or kitten seems to be taking a long time to find it's permanent home, because it really doesn't mind at all.

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This is so very true Louise. i have been guilty of saying 'so and so" has been here so long, it is a shame etc etc. but the more time I have spent at the shelter watching the beautiful cats and kittens having so much fun, or just chilling out in the sunshine, I know that they are contented and very much loved. I know they will be happy to have a forever home of their own one day, but for now I know that they are pretty dam happy and pretty dam lucky to be where they are. Thank you for the love and care you give these gorgeous animals. It is such a pleasure being able to help out and watch them play and be carefree.


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Thank you for that Kim.  Your days here are one of the reasons why they're so happy don't forget.  They love seeing you and I know for a fact that they look forward to seeing you each week.  :)

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