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Well I'm now a year older but thanks to Kate and Kim I'm also minus the overgrown grass around the house and catteries.  Great birthday pressie girls.  Thank you.

Unfortunately I lost my beautiful Tyson to a brown snake that came all the way up to the porch late one afternoon.  The snake was actually headed for Tyson's brother Sparky, who's always been so very dependent on Tyson for everything.  Seeing his brother in danger Tyson jumped between him and the approaching snake and was unfortunately bitten.  Dispite getting anti venom as quickly as possible he passed away a few days later.  Sparky is still fretting for his brother but is eating and drinking and getting lots of extra attention.

Meesha, Lulu and Cosmo will be desexed next week hopefully, along with Maggie 2, and Phoebe. So they'll be added to the adoption listing by the weekend.  There are also a number of other foster cats and kittens being added hopefully tonight ready for adoption as well.

Everyone seems very happy with Buster's progress with his injury.  It's darn expensive feeding a rescue horse and getting the required meds but with help from Elaine and Marna everything seems to be going ahead well for him.  He's such a beautiful natured horse that he just stands there and allows up to turn him into a pin cushion daily without hassle.  Mind you he does expect his goodies immediately afterwards.   LOL

Smokey who didn't particularly like being locked up in the cattery all the time has been allowed out for a run around during the day and decided to tell smudge where to go.  Well he won't be doing that again anytime soon LOL  Smudge is a lovely easy going lad until someone decides to have a go at him and he simply makes the point that he ain't goin anywhere mate.  Gets the point across though.

Little Taffy is running amok and ruling over everyone.  Being the youngest toddler here she gets away with blue murder and being a tortie that's not necessarily a good example to set LOL  Could be interesting for her new family later on.  Mind you, she's an adorable little tot, which explains why she keeps getting away with stuff.

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