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Ok today was typical.  One new feline arrival little Minx below:

She's only around 4 mths old and has really rich dark ginger markings and the most wonderful eyes. She'll be desexed etc asap and listed for adoption.  She is available for preadoption meets and greets if anyone is interested.

Now today took a bit of a funny twist when another new arrival landed on the doorstep, photo below:

Now I don't want to be mean or anything, but this has to be the funniest looking cat I've ever seen.  The old boy was tangled in loose barb wire and underwent extensive vet work before arriving. His bandages have to be changed daily and he has to have injections as well.  I know that I had the yards there, but they've been vacant for years, and considering that I got out of rescuing dogs because some of them were getting too big and strong for me to handle I really wasn't expecting to end up with his lordship.  Unfortunately for the 2 goats their shelter is inside the now closed holding yards and it's raining.  They hate getting wet and haven't been deprived of shelter before so I have no idea what they're likely to do tonight because there's nowhere else for them to go.

I'll have to worm & flea treat the youngest kittens tomorrow and with the cooler weather hopefully about to arrive that may be it for the fleas for the time being.  Oh well, I can live in hope :P

My new display cabinet in the lounge which everyone no doubt thought was going to be a real display cabinet for china and the like, is now fully stocked with vet supplies LOL.  Oh come on you didn't really think it for other stuff did you????

I'll have to see if I can do some pruning tomorrow because with the rate that most of the trees are growing I can't see the furry little nitwits if they race up and get themselves stuck.  Mind you there are some instances when nothing but sheer good luck is going to work.  A prime example would be little Taffy today.  Now being a perfectly normal, healthy little torti kitten she sees no reason why she couldn't climb up the nice tree just outside the main house fence. In principle that may sound reasonable until you realise that the only reason she stopped going up, was because she ran out steam part way up the blinking great huge bloodwood tree.  I almost had a heart attack when I spotted the little dot on the truck of the darn thing.  Fortunately for my peace of mind she'd decided by then that she'd had enough and better come down and try again in a few months time.  If I'm really lucky she'll be adopted by then.  Maybe I should give her adoptive parents a supply of valium.  Not for her, for them :)

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Well Louise if your drive is flooded out again (Heaven forbid!) you now have transport. Love the photos of the deer too by the way-forgot to comment. Love from us here to you and all the furries.<3

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