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Well the good news for the day is that the first supplies ordered from Pampered Paws via the Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption Animal Flood Relief Appeal has arrived in Qld.  The bad news is that the supplies for BVCR were delivered to Janene who runs Pets Without Partners at Wellington Point. I'm hoping that someone will be able to collect these supplies and deliver them to the shelter.  There's shampoos, advocate flea and worm treatments and Whiskas cat food.  All of which will come in very handly to say the least.  So a very big thank you to everyone who has ordered via Pampered Paws on the shelters behalf.

Crash, one of the temporary resident cats that Kim has been foster caring returned home to his mistress today after many months away from her.  So another good outcome thanks to my wonderful volunteers.

A big thanks goes to Anne today who came over and zipped around the grounds for many hours on her ride on mower and got the place back into shape.  I'm sure she disappeared there a few times, the grass was that darned high in places.  Word has it that she went a little homicidal as far as the toad population was concerned.  Atta girl :)

The five youngest kittens on the place are doing very well and are busy mugging their teddy bear and their giant yellow garfield stuffed toy.  I haven't been able to let them out for a little scamper about during the day because of the long grass. I've been afraid that not only wouldn't I be able to find the little twerps, but that they could meet up with a giant snake.  Fortunately now they'll be able to scoot around for an hour or so each day and have all sorts of new and exciting experiences.  Like bumping into Kerri.  Oh dear.  Well maybe not quite that exciting LOL.  Mind you, Little Taffy is the same age as they are and she's happily scampering around all the time, but then I guess all the older cats have found out that it's no use getting bossy with Taffy cause she just doesn't pay any attention. She's a little baby torti, need I say more!!! :/

Smokey has settled in very well with the older boys and decided that being boss isn't worth getting his nose swiped off.  Unfortunately Diesel and Spirit were the oldest of the young males in there and both are so darn relaxed that I'm not sure you could upset them if you tried.  They're Molly's sons and they have her relaxed attitude to life.  The problem for dear Smokey came from Tiger, the youngest of the bunch.  Now Tiger is ever so loving and also very relaxed about life but he was also born feral and he doesn't take any guff from a new comer trying to throw his weight around.  One good "you shut up or I'll rip your tonsils out" from Tiger was enough to make Smokey behave himself LOL.  Peace and quiet has been the order of the day ever since.

The new skip has only lasted me about a week and a bit this time round which is a bit of a worry.  But then it ended up getting all the flood debris in it as well.  So I'll have to phone and order a replacement tomorrow.

Finally got another roo meat delivery today but it's been a few weeks since I was able to get the roo/beef mix.  Fingers crossed that that will change this Friday.  I don't like feeding the young cats canned cat food because some of them don't digest it too well after being used to the fresh meat instead.

Fortunately all the cats and kittens here are happy and healthy dispite the disruptions cause by the flooding.  I've been extremely lucky in that respect and I know it.

There's a severe outbreak of parvovirus amongst the canine populations of the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys at the present time and the vets are struggling to handle all the cases that they're seeing daily.  The problem with such a large outbreak is that your dog doesn't have to come into contact with an infected animal because you can carry the virus into your home on your shoes etc.  So everyone keep a close eye on your canine mates and head for the vet if you become suspicious.  The sooner it's treated the better the chance of recovery.

I'd also like to give a big thank you to all the wonderful people who sponsor one or more of the cats or kittens on a monthly basis.  Without your generous support so many of these beautiful, trusting little creatures wouldn't have been able to be accepted into the shelter and would have faced a very bleak future indeed.

I had a video of Narley, a BVCR adoptee, playing on the computer and little Taffy was determined to join in the fun the other night.  She's so darn cute.  She also so darn annoying at times LOL

This well mannered neutered tom wandered into a Tarampa property during the first round of flooding and has been there ever since.  If you recognise him please contact me because we'd really like to reunite him with his family.

Dear Elvis had a spack attack today and decided that chasing the droughtmaster bull wasn't fun anymore and decided to try and chase Robbie instead.  Now Robbie can be a tad on the stubborn side but today he even surprised me.  And boy did he surprise Elvis.  Obviously Elvis was feeling a little too energetic in the early morning air. Robbie had just been released from the house for the day and was wandering around looking for a good camping spot for the morning.  Elvis took one look at him, flung his head back and headed straight for him.  Robbie, in his usual unflusterable way, just looked at the oncoming charging stag and plonked his backside down on the ground and just sat there.  Elvis ended up getting himself into such a tangle, having expected to be able to chase the nice puddycat, that he was unable to break in time and ended up jumping clean over the top of Robbie who just yawned, stretched and wandered around the other side of the tree.  In the meantime poor Elvis had lost his footing and ended up nose first in a cow pat.  Unfortunately for Elvis it didn't stop there because he continued to slide and ended up somewhat the worst for wear and I'm just hoping that he found some way to clean himself off or I'm not going near him until he does.  Believe me, a few seconds after deciding to pick on Robbie, Elvis bore absolutely no resembance to the dignified animal you see in the photo.  Honestly one of these days everyone around here is going to learn that no matter how big, fast or mean you are, you always managed to come off second best if you're silly enough to pick on Robbie.

Looks like an angel doesn't he?

Well that's about it from me for now.  I hope you all have a great nite :)

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jeuleine furlong
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That was supposed to be a heart-anyway love from us here Louise. I am a bit sad as I have lost my shadow-Tabitha has fallen in love with Michael. I think he is a bit of an animal whisperer-I was always nagging him about talking to the cats. He refused and is always silent with them-now he just has to make a command without talking and Tabetha obeys. If I call her she ignores me at the moment! Oh well-teenage love!

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Love the updates, Thanks Louise. Oh and Robbie is a gorgeous BIG boy!!:)

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