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Guess what.  Things have been hectic here :)

I've spent since 5am this morning and it's now 10am loading new photos etc onto the website.  Still lots to do I know because I haven't had the time to update things for ages since the floods, but I'm getting there.

More cats to be desexed next week.  Unfortunately they couldn't be fitted into the clinic for this week.

A big thank you to Kim for helping get all the catteries sorted last Friday and to Paul from Precious Pets Photography for all the wonderful photos he took of the cats.  I'll create an album in the gallery of his photos for you to see as well.

No enquiries about adoptions for some time which is why all the vet work is falling behind at the moment.  I'm hoping things will pick up shortly and I still have a number of other sites to update eg Pet Rescue etc for new adoptees.

I'll also upload a number of new videos taken by foster carers so you can see the anitics of some of the foster kittens that will be available shortly.

You've just got to love the chaos created at times when you least expect it.  Young Marble decided to jump onto the computer keyboard the other day because I just wasn't paying her sufficient attention. Suddenly my typed conversation with Kate was interrupted when everything turned into chinese. Now I know that it was silly of me never to have bothered to learn Chinese just in case this sort of thing ever happened but I didn't. :P

Marble may look like an angel when she's asleep but she sure can get into mischief when she's awake. She's now in foster care with Tony who also has little Clancy.  Between them I'm sure they'll keep Tony busy.  You can see little Clancy in the video on the right titled "cute ginger crazy kitten".

For some reason the computer appears to have been the center of attention for a few of the kittens this week because young Taffy jumped up onto the desk when I was in the kitchen answering the phone this afternoon.  I had been playing a video of Narley getting into mischief and having fun in his new home and returned to find Taffy trying valiantly to play with Narley through the monitor.

If you look closely you can see Narley on the screen.  I really must invest in a video camera one day LOL

Rob and Connie came out and we had a bbq the other day and you can see the video Rob shot of dear Cuddles sneaking sausages directly off the hot frypan.  It's also on the right hand side of your screen in recent videos "the sausage thief".

There are chickens running around everywhere here at the moment and poor little Tayla keeps trying to round them up.  Ever try to round up chickens with an irate mother hen determined to tell you where to go. Poor Tayla gets into so much trouble from the hen I don't know why she bothers. But she seems convinced that they're supposed to be in the henhouse. Well yes I agree that they are, but hey, considering the fact that they're getting the weeds down after all the rain, I'm prepared to put up with teeny little fluff balls under foot occasionally.

Yep 9 little fur balls and when I turned around there were more even smaller hatching in the henhouse. Confounded chickens never know when to call it quits.

Young Shiloh is only a new arrival and I was told that she got her name because she's so very shy. She was the last one that the owner was able to catch to get over here. Once released from her cat carrier she raced in under the china cabinet.  Not wanting to leave her there too long because I needed the room for something else I brought young Marble her sister upstairs to tell her that all was well. Now I often get surprised reactions from people that even after only a short absense cats will still recognise each other. Of course they do. They have memories just like everyone and everything else. They recognise family members and friends and will do for years even if separated. Anyway Marble hit the ground running as she always does LOL and I knelt down and pointed out her sister hiding under the cabinet. Well Marble wiggled in and I left them to it. Sure enough after about 15 minutes out came Marble closely followed by Shiloh who hasn't looked back since.  She's always one of the first to greet visitors and she just loves getting lots and lots of attention.  The mere fact that a cat or kitten or dog or puppy for the matter is shy in one home doesn't mean that it will be shy in another.  The main thing is that they have to feel safe and loved.  And you never, never, try and force them to anything.  They'll come around as soon as they decide that everything is OK.

Shiloh is so very unshy now that Paul from Precious Pets Photography ended up with a number of photos of her because she kept flinging herself around the climbing pole to she'd be close to him where ever he was standing LOL

Also if you live in a home where you both work and therefore don't want to get a kitten because you don't want to leave it alone all day, you can still consider getting an older cat.  Take dear Jessie for example.

Now Jessie is 10 years young and I only wish that I'd had a video the other day when she was found on top of a fence post happily chasing her tail because it was flicking. Now this was a bit of a problem because the fence post only has about a 7 inch diameter but she was flinging and flipping around all over the place and never missed a step.  So you see you can still gets lots of laughter and fun out of a 10 year old cat.

Another option would be a teenager around 6 - 12 mths.  These guys already know most of the things you'd need to teach a kitten but are also still well and truly full of energy and mischief.  A prime example would be young Bimbo.

Bimbo was raised by Kate in her home and he gets on well with large dogs and other cats.  He's very well behaved but also full of fun and adventure.  He has a medium length coat and will be quite a big boy when he's fully grown.

Well that's about it for me for tonight.  Have to go feed the troups.  Everyone have a good night and I'll try and be more regular with my forum posts. :)

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