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Good grief it's March already!!!!  And yes folks it's still raining. 

Been doing more pet food pickups and there's a poor lady in Ipswich who I was supposed to do a pickup from some weeks ago and I've lost her details.  She probably thinks I just don't want the supplies but I really do, I just don't know where or who she is to contact her.  I really do have to get a better system going than pieces of paper. 

Kim has taken 2 more young kittens for foster care along with the others that she already had at her place. Poor girl will be overrun by little tykes all demanding personal attention.  Fortunately she's got a very special way with the cats and kittens and they all adore her.  She also managed to get new homes for both Billy and Bobby so I guess the numbers have remained relatively the same.  Although I think she snuck an extra one in there somewhere LOL.

I'll have to check with Tony and Natalie and find out how their kittens are progressing because I should be able to get them desexed next week and they can be added to the adoption listings when they think they're ready.

Meanwhile I have a number of gorgeous kittens here as well that are ready for adoption and a few that still need desexing.  Unfortunately the price has increased and the females are costing more to do and it's causing a bit of a backlog on the girl side of things.

AWL Qld have now taken over the running of the Ipswich Pound and I'm hoping to work in collaboration with them to assist the animals in the area, particularly the cats and kittens that haven't been getting the attention that they deserve.

Young Yahoo has been lost in the Plainlands area and is about 16months old and is of medium size. He went missing around the 19th or 20th of February from Grevillea Street in Plainland. He is de-sexed (with tattoo in ear) and micro chipped (back of neck between shoulder blades) but his owner didn't have his microchip number on her at the time.  He is also micro chipped in her maiden name Tania Louise Michiels. Please if you spot Yahoo contact Tania on 0408 888 290.  She actually lives in Brisbane and Yahoo was being cared for by her mother at Plainlands for two weeks.

Sweet young Shilo is only around 6 mths old and has the most stunning markings as you can see.  She gets on well with other cats and seems more than happy to play with anyone who wants to give her a little attention.  In this photo she was just settling down after her very first day here and wondering what life now had in store for her.  She'll be desexed and microchipped as soon as possible and will then be placed for adoption. 

I'd like to thank Rob for all the work he's been doing on my computers lately and in advance for the work he's planning on doing on the guttering on the main cattery after it decided to collapse after the floods.

Kate came over this morning and helped me to unload the supplies that were collected yesterday and we decided to take Jena, Tayla and her gorgeous german shepherd Lupa for a walk down the driveway as usual just to give them a bit of exercise.  Normally Cuddles (see her on the adult cats available page) toddles along as well just to annoy the dickens out of Lupa.  This morning however she decided to stay at home and we just had a casual wander down and back.  Well casual until we suddenly realised that Tayla was nowhere to be seen. Now you have to understand that Tayla always follows directly behind me or to my side. She never digresses from that.  The fact that she was not there when we got home was completely stunning to say the least.  We searched and called for a good hour with no result.  I mean for goodness sake we hadn't even left the property.  And Tayla doesn't go into the long grass unless we do because being only small she can't see where she's going and hates all the prickles. She's also not one for chasing after anything.  That would be exertion and Tayla isn't renouned for likely to exert herself.  By this time Kate was walking the paddocks with Lupa, I was driving my car all over the place and Jena, well Jena, was lying in the shade of a tree near the main cattery wondering what all the fuss was about.  I was heading back towards the house when I double checked to see where Kate was and when I looked back there was Tayla standing in front of the car.  I still have no idea where she came from or where she'd been.  I would have rung her little fluffy neck if I hadn't been so darn glad to see her.  Actually thinking back on it I've just realised that she wasn't out of breath either, which she would have been if she'd been running around the whole time.  Tayla puffs very easilly!!!!!  Oh well, I'll have to solve the case of the disappearing Sheltie another day I guess.  If she does it again I'll tie a flipping cow bell around her neck.

Suzy has taken over protection duties with little Taffy, the tortie kitten that's always getting into mischief here.  She takes her job very seriously and is busy teaching little Taffy the best and easiest way to trip Mum up under all sorts of different circumstances. Gee thanks Suz.

Suzy herself will be added to the adoption listing shortly.  When she first arrived she spent her whole time hiding under the doona.  There are times I darn well wish that she'd go back there mind you but she's now happy meeting and greeting everyone and sticking her little nose into absolutely everything that doesn't concern her. LOL  If there's one thing she doesn't do anymore it's hide.  She's too afraid she'd miss out on something. :)  She's only young and has gorgeous black smoke coloring.  So I'm guessing that she'll be snapped up pretty fast.  She gets on well with other cats and dogs and people.

Hutch is out running around during the day at the present time and is having a great old time demanding pats from everyone he meets.  Molly who spent quite a bit of time while she was in the cattery relaxing inside a scratching post sleep area can now be found sprawled on the bookcase or wandering around casually checking out the various feed bowls.  She enjoys sleeping in the air conditioning this weather and so I've decided not to return her to the cattery because of her semi long hair.  She can continue to live in the house until she's adopted.  See can also be found on the adult cat page.

Mind you I'm not at all sure that all the cats aren't going to end up demanding to be returned to the cattery if this weather keeps up because I no longer have a lawn.  It would seem that the conditions have been just right for the whole place to be covered in Bindi's.  If they all develope prickles the cats won't enjoy walking around at all.

There are still food drops for pet food and wormers etc going on out here because so many people in this area have just been totally forgotten.  No-one has turned up to help them after the floods and they're struggling to get things done themselves.  Some have simply given up and the rescue groups are being inundated with animals from homes where the owners can no longer cope with life in general.  It's heart breaking to see the devastation and you just have to wonder about the long term effects on some of the people affected.

Helen and I are going on a dump crawl on Sunday to see if we can find anything useful and redeemable for dogs and cats and various other animals that tend to turn up needing care.

I was finally able to get a replacement skip this week for all the cat litter.  Normally it would have been replaced a few weeks ago but due to all the flood debris they were all in use.  It's nice to have it all gone at last and now the new one can be filled, which at this rate isn't going to take long. LOL

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Hi Louise, Just a quick Hi-life has certainly been busy for you-thanks for taking time out to fill us all in on what you and your helpers have been up to. . You are doing a wonderful job out there and I hope your country friends are able to find the inner-strength to start over. Our three furries are doing well and send their love.

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