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Well a lot has happened and I haven't had the time to keep up to date with the postings.


Two new arrivals came in a few days ago and the little fella had to be rushed to the vet because he'd had a rubber band tied around his little balls.  He was in such pain, the poor little chap, that he wailed all night long before he could get his op the next morning.  I'll have a photo of him hopefully tomorrow.  He's a gorgeous rich blue grey and white and dispite his treatment is still extremely affectionate and loving.  He's around 18 mths old and will be available for adoption in the next week or so.  Being a dim wit I forgot to get him microchipped when he had his op because it all so sudden.  Below is a photo of his young friend who came in at the same time.

Marble is only about 6 mths old and very friendly and loving.  She'll be desexed etc as soon as possible and offered for adoption into a loving home.  She gets on well with everyone including other cats and dogs.  Well everyone except Bootz of course because he's a confounded chauvanist. Fortunately Marble just ignores his antics which of course infuriates him even more, but then finally he loses interest and wanders off to irritate someone else.  Unfortunately it's normally me.


The 7 little kittens are doing well.  I'm sorry to say the same can't be said for their scratching post.  I don't know what they use to test those darn things but it's certainly not young active kittens.  If they did they'd sell them with a very large repair kit thrown in for free.


A big thanks to Brenda and her friends and staff at QLeave for all the clothing and cat supplies they donated for the flood relief again over the weekend. It was all very much appreciated.


I'll have to update the cats and kittens available for adoption pages because I think there are a few more available now and the successful adoptions album as well.


I was wandering out the kitchen door this morning when I found Robbie up to his usual trick.  I don't think there's a female cat on the place that he hasn't tried to pick up. 

Today apparently it was Mia's turn.  Mind you she doesn't seem to be objecting.  The last one he tried to pick up was Kerri and believe me he won't be trying that again LOL

Kerri is the most affectionate angel on the planet, well that is provided she gets her own way LOL. And pity help the male cat who presumes that she'll be a push over.  She's one of the few cats on the place that Robbie doesn't try his tried and proven method of control with.  Because of his weight and strength Robbie normally settles disputes by sitting on his opponent.  He doesn't lower himself to actual fighting and it's worked very well for him too.  Except for a few occasions when his opponent has directed a bite at the most obvious place, under the circumstances.  Kerri is one who's worked out this boys weakness LOL.

Robbie in a bit of a pickle

Unfortunately for Robbie Ella, yesterdays girlfriend is another.  Is it just me, or does Robbie look a bit like he'd like a bit of help about now? :P


Panic stations today when a little kitten had blood coming out of it's little nose.  Into the cat carrier it went and straight off to the vet.  Visions of major surgery and internal injuries danced around in my head on the trip in.  Time was spent comforting the poor little tot and explaining that I'd dragged her away from a perfectly good meal for a very good reason.  Did I have enough on my credit card?  If not, I'd have to see if I could get a limit increase.  I'm maxed out due to all the vet work lately etc and the additional meds for the flood victims.  In we went and the diagnoses was pronounced.  She'd sneezed to hard and ruptured a little blood vessel in her nose.  I could have strangled the little twerp.  But at least the credit card company is safe LOL.


A giant thank you has to go to Kate for helping me yesterday with an out of control German Shepherd.  He's been tied up for 5 years and still behaves like an 8 week old puppy.  He was way too strong for either of us to handle and Kate is covered in bruises today and I'm moving like I'm at least 100 years old.  We're trying to arrange some kind of professional training for him.  The poor cats threw a fit and it was thanks to Jena that Tiger came home this morning at all. 


A big thank you to Kim as well for collecting Smokey from the vet for me yesterday afternoon and dropping Kate back home as well.


Well I hope you all have a good night.  Umm, I hope you all have a good morning :)

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jeuleine furlong
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Thanks for the news Louise-no wonder you haven't had time to write up your blogs.

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Kosh's Mum
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Hey Lou, I'll put it on your credit card if the shredded hand I got from Pee Wee gets infected :D. Fortunately Hydrogen Peroxide is great stuff!  Yeh, I know. It was my own dumb fault.



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