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jeuleine furlong
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Wish you could have been here Louise to see the three of them dressed in their little jackets. We were about to step out the door and realized that it was still storming so didn't think Katie would appreciate it. We are going to let her go out first and the other two can watch from the doorway.

Shall keep you posted. Our first order went missing and finally the second one arrived.

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Site Owner
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Now you'll have to order them little raincoats as well.  I absolutely demand a photo of the girls in their little jackets. :)

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jeuleine furlong
Posts: 99

What a good idea Louise! (Just joking!) An American friend of my sisters became very rich by making raincoats for goldfish. Just goes to show-anything goes nowadays.

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hi Jeuleine, Has it stopped raining long enough to give the jackets a trial run outdoors?  Hope the girls enjoy them.

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jeuleine furlong
Posts: 99

Hi Leanne and Louise, We have had all three outside successfully but it was getting them indoors that was the drama.

I was heading in the door with Tabitha, and Katie(now out of her jacket) decided she was coming back out. I slammed the door to stop her and Tabitha who was in by now still attached to her lead got a fright.

She was on one of those extendable leads and with me still on the wrong side of the door, dashed into the study, wrapped herself around the computer chair and proceeded to run down the hall with the chair chasing her. She then went bolistic as only Tabitha can-turned into a crazy acrobat and somehow got out of her jacket-was still done up attached to the lead by the time I got in.

You are right Louise-trust her to make a drama out of it. Now I am wondering if I should risk taking her out at all as she is so flighty. Out of the three cats she was the one who impressed us the most, taking to it like a duck to water. She is so curious about things so loved being out in the yard-she just wants to be in on everything.

Sheeba was frightened and crawled along like a sausage dog and bolted in the door so I thought that just little outings for her when she is ready is the thing to do. She is very clever so will watch Katie.

Katie, our truck-stop silverback-as Sheragal calls her, takes her time, and just likes sitting and sniffing. Then when your guard is down she bolts. She seems to want to head for the hills and am sure we would never see her again. She would head for the nearest truck stop I am sure-but as they are few and far between here in the suburbs, probably a cafe would suffice for Katie.Anywhere there is food.

Katie is a fast learner-as soon as she saw the jacket (only the second time) she bolted for the door and was waiting to get it on and go out. She loves going out and we have Sheeba at the window with Tabitha, watching. Tabitha spends the time crying and has such a little meow-sounds so pitiful. She hates me going out into the garden and if I am out there for a while I can hear her crying from inside.

So Louise if Katie shows up wearing a blue leopard printed coat you will know what has happened.

Seriously the jackets are working fine for Katie and Sheeba- but am not so sure about Tabithas houdinin skills. We all call her Miss Hissy.

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jeuleine furlong
Posts: 99

Well this seems a bit frivulous in the light of what has been happening in the last few days. My thoughts go out to you all especially those in the small country communities who have been doing it tough all along.

We are fine here but I feel for you people out there on your own-here in the suburbs we are surrounded by help just a phone call away.

Tonight I have just taken Katie out for another walk Louise and she took forever. There must have been scent of another cat on the neighbours tree as she was rubbing her face against it and lying on her tummy rolling on the grass around the base.

Then she decided to climb the tree and leapt off half way and bolted, taking me by surprize. When I tried to pick her up to go inside she did not appreciate this and growled really loudly so I am not too popular at present.

Well as you can see not too much is going on here and we are all safe and well. Can't complain.

Hope you and all your helpers keep safe, Love

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