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Apparently one major shelter down south decided to give away cats for Xmas presumably to make room for the expected intake over the Xmas period. On the surface this may seem like a good idea. But I wonder?

If people weren't adopting the cats, because they weren't prepared to pay the price, which was far less than it would have cost to get them to that stage, then what in the world would make anyone believe that these same people will make good, responsible owners just because they snap them up when they're then offered for free???

How many of these new owners will be prepared to pay the vet costs which often amount to hundreds of dollars if something happens to the cat?

How many of the cats and kittens that they were given away to make room for, were themselves originally acquired as giveaways and regarded as disposable by people not prepared to take responsibility for something that they see as having no value?

How many of these cats were adopted to keep the kids quiet over the holidays and will become redundant when the children return to school or the family wants to go on holidays. If people weren't prepared to pay for the cat in the first place, will they really be prepared to pay $18.50 per day to board it while they're away?

Is it really the job of a shelter to just get the cats in and out? Or is a shelter supposed to at least try and ensure that the cat will have a better future than past, no matter how long it may take. If a someone isn't prepared to pay for a life long companion with all it's vet work already completed, then can they honestly afford to have an addition to their family in the first place? 

Yes many cats and kittens will be lost this Xmas because the majority of the shelters are already full nation wide.  But can we really say "Oh well, at least they're desexed, so if they get dumped, they can't add to the problem". No we cannot.  A shelter must do it's best for each and every animal in their care and it's useless to sacrifice those already waiting for homes to be able to take in others when you put the past residents at risk as well.

The numbers that I have here at the shelter at the present time are driving me absolutely insane, but there isn't a single one of them that I'd be prepared to sacrifice just to get the numbers to a more easily managable level. It may take anywhere from a week to a year to find the right home for each cat or kitten, but once found the cat or kitten will have a secure and loving home for anywhere up to 18 years or more and bring years of devotion and laughter to their new family. I believe that It's worth the wait.

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By no means do I believe that everyone who gets a free pet won't look after it. Some of them will be lucky and find very good homes for the rest of their lives. But right or wrong, I still believe that these are likely to be in the minority.

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jeuleine furlong
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Unfortunately I have to agree with you Louise. A lot of people don't seem to value something they get for free.

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