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Little Rastus came over for a couple of hours of Kitten Kindy today. As you know Little Rastus arrived at the shelter all alone at only 2 days of age. He'd been found abandoned in the middle of a farmers paddock. Kate, bless her, took the little chap into foster care immediately and naturally enough became so attached that she decided to keep him. You can see his photos in the Album Little Rastus in the photo gallery. Anyway the little guy has a 13 mth old cat and 2 large dogs at home but no little kittens around his own age, so he comes to Kitten Kindy to learn to play and associate with other cats his own age. He's part Siamese and a tad on the stubborn side but we're getting there. While he was here Kate helped with the catteries and socialising the other newer kittens.

OK I had another adoption late today and I've got to admit to a few tears and I don't think the impact will really hit until Tuesday. Little Cindy was adopted and went off to her new home. The ladies who adopted her took a lot of care with their choice which is always a good sign. After a rocky little start in life I hope my sweet little Cindy has a wonderful life. There are just some that for one reason or another you really want to keep close and safe and with those it's very difficult saying goodbye.

I've made the decision that provided they're still available on the day I'll be taking Mugwort and Hatty into the Karalee show on the 1st August. That will give me one long hair and one short hair. 

I have to go over to a friends place on Tuesday to help her with some paperwork. She runs a dog rescue. How much help I'm likely to be I have no idea but we'll see.

I received a call around 6.30pm from a chap who sounded desperate to place a cat that had been left with him by an ex girlfriend when she went overseas. He'd tried to contact her but was unable to do so and his landlord had given him until tonight to get rid of the cat or be evicted. Anyway despite the fact that the shelter is full to overflowing I agreed to take the cat but he wanted to deliver it straight away. He came from Mt Gravatt so it'd take him a while to get here. I sat up with all the floodlights on until around midnight and then finally gave up. I'd also spent a lot of time sorting out temporary accommodation, litter, feed, water and bedding for the new arrival for overnight. Oddly enough it's things like that that really annoy me. What worries me now is what has become of the cat. I couldn't sleep after I finally got to bed worrying about the fact that it was raining and this poor cat could have suddenly found itself dumped by the side of the road somewhere and be confused, lost and terrified with no idea what had happened to it or why. Sometimes I just want to close the gates to the shelter and keep them all here safe and sound. It's such an uncertain world out there for any animal at the mercy of humans. They trust us so implicitly and that trust is often times totally undeserved. 

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Lou, if this guy rings you back again and doesn't want to drive out to your place, give me a call and perhaps me and Janene can find somewhere closer to take the cat?



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Will do Gail. Thanks.

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