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Young Buffy went off to her new home today. You can chalk up another one for Mugwort because these particular people fell in love with him as well. But yep you guessed it, he's still here!!!!

It's been freezing here and I'm trying to ensure that each of the cats and kittens has sufficient warm bedding for protection. It's not a case of not having enough bedding to go around, it's more a case that the kittens are growing so fast that what keeps 2 warm one week only has enough room to keep one warm the next. So it seems to be a case of constant shuffling. 

On 1 August 2010 the shelter will have a display at the Cat Show being held at the Karalee State School. I think it opens to the public around 9.30am. If you're in the area please drop by for a visit. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that Vistaprint gets the banner and flyers done on time. 

As you know Missy is here to board for a few more weeks until her Dad gets back from overseas. Well dear Missy, because she's always been an only cat, and is now 12 years old, doesn't get along with other cats at all. She does however find the kittens playing on the veranda just too irresistible to ignore and constantly has her face glued to the glass doors watching them. The other day while I was out cleaning the veranda and renewing their food and water, she must have leaned too heavily on the door and it sprang open and she tumbled out onto the veranda. The old dragon suddenly found a torrent of kittens stampeding her way and made a very hasty retreat back into the sun room. She flatly refused to go anywhere near that treacherous door again for the next 24 hours but seems to have been drawn back again now. Mind you now when she presses her face against the door to see what the kittens are doing, she often finds their little faces pressed against the other side watching her.  

I let Captain and Admiral out for a run this afternoon while I cleaned up the tool room in the shed and by the time they returned they were completely covered in dust from rolling around in the cattle crush. Good one boys. Guess who's going to get a bath tomorrow? Won't I be a popular little Mum. 

Well Robbie is curled up asleep in his large carry case in the bathroom on his little woolly doona. Lexie is asleep in what used to be Robbies bed the big cardboard box with a pillow covered by one of my old jumpers. Tisha is curled up next to Jena on a big folded blanket. Little Casper is curled up in his cat bed with the wool underlay and Taleah is currently standing next to the computer on the desk with her head resting on my cheek. Smokey is curled up sound asleep on the futon amongst the blankets, Kerri is on the lounge chair snuggled down into a thick blanket, Missy is on the bed rolled up in the faux fur blanket, Spot and Denise are asleep in their comfy blanket lined baskets and by the sounds of it the kittens are still running amok on the veranda. I just opened up my clothes cupboard for Taleah so she can snuggle in there for the night.

Now that Millie's little kittens have recovered from their ring worm I've put them back with Mia and her kittens. This weather the little ones need the warmth provided by a mother and a bunch of siblings. Mia naturally took the little ones back immediately, even though they aren't hers, and her kittens just accepted that their little funny looking brothers and sister were back again. 

Kerri will have to go onto the Special Needs category because it seems that she has trouble with depth perception and focus. Smokey alerted me to the problem. Kerrie has always been somewhat of a bossy boots where other cats are concerned but she's always passed her vet checks with flying colours. I noticed the other day that Smokey was moving slowly around her and unlike other cats he wasn't having problems with her. She had been having a crack at him all the time prior to this. Anyway I watched her for a while and realised that she seems to have problems identifying things that are moving too quickly. Smokey was smart enough to figure this out. Maybe I should send him to vet school. It also explains why she sometimes bites (never hard) when you stop patting her. It's because if you move your hand away at a certain angle in front of her face she can't identify it if it's moving to fast. She is such a loving and beautiful girl that I'll pop her back along to Tony during next week if I have a chance to get her checked out and see if there's anything that I can do about the situation or what he recommends.

Anyway that's about it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Lovely to hear all the news. Hope you are all warm and cosy.

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