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Not a lot to report over the past couple of days. Busy as usual though.

Anne has taken the 3 latest little arrivals into foster care now that all but one of Chelsea's kittens have found their new homes. So thanks for that Anne. 

Will have to do another supply run tomorrow as out of dry feed and litter again. Will phone the produce merchants first to ensure they have a supply before venturing out though.

I've heard that young Gracie has settled brilliantly into her new home and is great mates with her new best furry friend Itsy. Good on you Gracie, I'm so glad you found a loving home and a little playmate.  Credit goes to Meg her new mistress as well because Meg nursed her other kitten Itsy through some pretty tough times and managed to pull her through. She then took the time to find the perfect little companion for her who wouldn't be too rough.

I'm slowly getting the shelter properly organised again.  It's amazing how quickly everything can get cluttered and out of control. First impressions count and I really need to get to some of the outside painting etc as well.  But at this stage, just being able to get to the walls themselves without falling over something would be a good start. LOL

Little Cindy appears to have tired to flipping on her back to show everyone her little op scar. So hopefully that little phase is over and done with. It really was a tad embarrassing at times and she'd poke her little head up through her front legs and meow just to make sure everyone was paying attention. 

Well that's about it for now. I'm sure more has happened but my mind has taken a vacation and about the only thing between my ears at the moment is a giant void. 

Have a good night everyone. :)

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