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Another busy day at the shelter.

Leanne came down with a whole heap of goodies and the kittens really appreciated her picking up some kitten tucker on the way through. They've been stuck with the adult dry feed for about 2 weeks now. They also loved all the extra attention they got with lots of cuddles to go around, although dear Mugwort did tend to try and get in more than his fair share. LOL

Kate came out this morning and also helped out with grooming the cats and kittens which they love and I rarely have time to do myself anymore. Again I believe that Mugwort kept tossing himself haphazardly between the brush and whoever was supposed to be being groomed next.

Young Lockie got himself adopted today. He's a sweet all black male teenager who always loves cuddling up to visitors. I'm going to hold off celebrating too much though, because one of his new family is actually allergic to some cats, and so I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Hopefully everything will be OK, but only some prolonged contact will tell if it is or not.

Nadine brought Zorro and Teska out for their final vaccinations today and you can contact her in Ipswich if you're interested in adopting either of the pure white kittens. She's doing a really good job with them and they're looking lovely.

I definitely need more cat cuddlers out here at the moment. There are so many kittens here that need people contact and playing with to get them socialised properly and I just don't have the time to do it. If you know of any children, teenagers or adults who'd love a day cuddling and grooming cats and kittens then please send them my way.

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Louise, I must have left that paperwork on the table near the front gate.  If I hadn't have wanted to pat everyone before I left I wouldn't have put it down. It was Keena...she called me in.  I am up pretty early for a Sunday morning.  While trying to have a sleep in, images of being ambushed and smooched to death by Mugwort and Poppy kept me from going back to sleep!  :)They are all such lovely cats.  It was nice to spend a little bit more time with them.  I really enjoyed my cuddling visit.  Thanks. 

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