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Busy day as usual. 

I let Monica, Mac and Jack out to play with the kittens from Gympie this morning and now at 11pm at night they're still racing around the veranda at full speed. Little Monica seems to have developed a fluffy ginger follower who she's having trouble shaking. He even went mad on Boots for going to close to his little friend. Mac and Jack are absolutely no help at all because they're too busy trying to decapitate the teddy bear to worry about their poor little sister having a stalker.

I've added the new kittens available for adoption, including Cindy, to the kitten page and updated all the other websites where they're listed as well. I started doing that at around 7pm tonight and it's now 11.04pm. As you can see it's no quick task. I've also updated photos where applicable including Mugwort. Oh boy you should see him now. He's absolutely magnificent. Take a look at his photo and you'll see what I mean. He's on the kitten page.

I actually had to take about 73 photos of darling little Cindy before I managed to get a couple where she wasn't just a blur merrily passing through the shot. I was seriously thinking of hogtying the twerp there for a while.

All of Mia's kittens have turned out to be silver tabbies. There's one semi long coat male amongst them. They're absolutely gorgeous little things. They're 9 weeks old now and in a couple of weeks they'll be old enough to desex and then Mia herself can be done as well. I need some ideas for names for them because my imagination appears to have taken a holiday. LOL

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Ok I googled "silver grey cat names" and liked the following:  Cloud, Cinders, Pebble, Dove, Pewter, Platinum, Storm, Earl Gray and Koala Bear.  I can never think of anything new to name cats apart from famous people (hence my fosters Orlando, Miranda and Hamish Blake) so I always google everything!!

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