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Well Cindy, Polly and Misty were desexed and microchipped today, as were Zorro and Teska the two pure white kittens being fostered by Nadine. That means 5 more kittens have now been added to the adoption listings. I've only got a photo up on the kitten page of Zorro and Teska in the one shot so far. I'm waiting to be able to get good photos of the other 3 when this overcast weather permits.

It was an interrupted day today with two trips into the vet clinic in Ipswich. Not all the catteries got finished but I did make sure that all the kittens had food and water at least.

I collected 6 bags of adult supercoat today, unfortunately the kitten supply never arrived from the supplier. It's extremely hit and miss with the dry feed over the past couple of months but luckily so far there has been sufficient feed available every day.  There have been times when I have no idea how it's managed to stretch, but I'm not going to investigate too deeply into that one.

The abandoned female cat found by Kc in the empty house has been booked in for desexing and microchipping on Friday I think. Anyway I've dropped the relevant paperwork off at the vet clinic this arvo when I collected the kittens.

Missy the boarding Siamese who "hates" other cats has been keeping herself entertained by lying on the mattress and watching the kittens playing on the veranda all day. I swear she thinks it's better than TV. They have her completely riveted with their antics and I have a sneaking suspicion that she may just end up liking them, just a teeny bit.

That's about it for tonight because I'm just so pooped.

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