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Hectic and confusing day organisation wise today.

I got smart and phoned the local produce merchants before venturing out to get supplies and found out that they were all out of Supercoat cat and kitten and that they're all hoping to get supplies tomorrow. I've ordered 6 x 8kg bags from Farmcraft in Lowood and I'm just hoping that I can grab some more while I'm in there.

Between about 6.30 and 7am poor Smokey was returned to the shelter. His new owner had obviously bonded well with him overnight but found that the continued contact brought on her allergies and she decided to return him quickly before he became too attached. She obviously loved him dearly and couldn't speak highly enough of him and his winning personality. She said he just settled straight in. The poor lad is now stuck in the lounge room with Kerri. I'd done a complete reorganisation after the adoptions and when he suddenly landed on the doorstep again I had absolutely no-where to put him. There is an armed truce in the lounge room because neither cat likes sharing it's territory with another cat but so far neither has been prepared to make the first aggressive move. Considering that whenever either has been in the house with me before (one at a time) each has slept on the futon with me, I'm wondering how much sleep I'm going to get tonight.

An hour of so later Allan arrived with Missy. Remember Missy? She's the big chocolate point 12 year old Siamese female who boarded for about 6 mths last year. She's been raised as an only cat also and definitely doesn't get alone with other cats. As we headed inside, because I'd totally forgotten that she was coming, my mind was frantically racing trying to figure out where the hell I was going to put her. Every single cattery is full and every room in the house was occupied either by other cats that don't get on with their fellow felines or kittens too young to defend themselves. She ended up in Taleah's computer room temporarily because fortunately Taleah was out for a run around at the time.

Young Scrap goes home to his Mum and Dad tomorrow and he'll probably be happy to get back to the peace and quiet of having Combi (his canine mate) chasing him around the house. Although Poppy his sister will be sad to see him go. They've been sleeping together at night and banding together to rip stuff apart during the day LOL.

I've got kittens booked in for desexing on Wednesday and Nadine has the two pure whites Zorro and Teska booked in as well. So there'll be more kittens available for adoption by the end of the week.

There's also going to be a new arrival at the shelter when I have room available (oh crikey). Kasey the husband of a good friend of mine, found an abandoned cat locked in a house today and it's currently in the care of Belinda in Ipswich. Thanks Kasey for taking the time to rescue this little one and to Belinda and Deb for caring for it until it can be transferred to the shelter. Apparently it's been eating everything in sight the poor little thing. It's also been wormed and deflea'd so it should be feeling a lot better by now.

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jeuleine furlong
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That is such a shame about Smokey! And so disappointing for her owner-to-be. He is such a beautiful looking cat, hopefully he will find a home soon.

Hope you did get some sleep Louise/plus got the food situation sorted.

Is Missy boarding at the shelter? Sounds like you could open a cat boarding kennel as well as an off-shoot.

Anyway  must go, take care, Jeuleine

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Louise,  I planned on coming down on Saturday, could I pick up the supplies from Lowood then to save you a trip?


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No Leanne, that's fine. I collected them today on the way back from the vet after I dropped off the girls for desexing and microchipping. I'd completely run out of dry feed in some of the catteries but things will be back to normal as soon as I unload it all. LOL

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