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Another successful day with rehomings. It's wonderful (and a little sad, but in a good way) to see the cats and kittens head off to start their new lives.

Carly, Smokey and Ting were all adopted today and have been added to the successful adoptions album.  That only leaves little Hatty from Chelsea's litter to find a new home now. She's such a sweet and playful little kitten that I'm sure she'll find a loving home soon.

I've added Photos of Daisy to the Adoptees in their new homes Album as well. Fortunately the lovely people who adopted Daisy are now also interested in adopting her brother Milo. They've always been together and I'm sure would love to see each other again.

I also received word that Benny has settled in well to his new home (immediately apparently) and is busy investigating everything in sight.

Will do some more supply shopping today. It's been so busy that I haven't been able to replenish the supply of Purina Supercoat and I've been stealing from one catteries food supply to be able to feed the next. 

Today I'll book in more of the cats and kittens for desexing this week and hope that my legs work this time to get them there. LOL

I've done a switch around and put Timmy in with Sammy, Patches and Star. Millie and Socks have gone down with Keena and Princess. That just leaves Kerri in the house with me. It's her little dream come true but I keep telling her that it can't last.

Poor Keena was out sunning herself this morning and was looking so relaxed. Big stretches and yawns and wiggling slightly on the warm concrete when one of the confounded big muscovy drakes wandered up and started flapping his wings. He didn't mean to frighten her, he was just enjoying the sunshine as well, but she jumped up and pinged off about 10 feet away and then looked around wondering what the hell the noise had been. She didn't associate the noise with the drake and really looked puzzled. But finally she resettled where she was and all the stretching and sighing started up again. Keena loves to sleep curled up on the bed in the cattery in a sunny spot and then demands to be allowed out for a wander around once the sun leaves that area. She then wanders just outside the cattery to the nearest sunny spot and plonks down for as long as it lasts. Then she wanders back into the cattery and demands to be let back in again so she can curl up on the bed - well after she has a little snack that is. :)

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