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Well it was a great day all around today. So many good friends visited including Jeuleine and Sheragal who have Tabetha and Katie and now also have Sheba (who apparently is settling in nicely). They brought out so many supplies for both the shelter and me personally that I'll never be able to thank them enough. It's really nice to know that the three furry girls have gone to such a loving home.

Deb, Jeff, Sheree, Belinda, Cody, Chloe, Emma and Rhonda also came out and also brought supplies and lunch plus two excellent kitten pens for any possible overflow. Obviously they know me a little too well LOL.  Cody has also adopted young Fluffy (one of the little feral kittens that arrived a few weeks ago that have been residing in the Purr Factory cattery). I know she'll be well cared for as well.

A lovely young couple adopted Pixie and probably have her happily climbing all over them by now. Hope they don't want to get any sleep tonight :)

Benny was also adopted from Anne's place today, leaving only Carly and Hatty from Chelsea's seven still needing homes.

I've cleaned off the porch, replaced bedding etc and released the kittens from Gympie to have a run around. They've grown so very much in the past couple of weeks it's amazing. I'm currently on the other side of the house and I can hear them scooting around a little too clearly. Maybe I better not count on too much sleep tonight either :)

K't you'll be happy to know that I could have adopted Scrap out a few times today!!.  Don't worry I didn't do it. But he really looks cute in his little collar. And he's settled back in with the other kittens so well that no-one would know that he's just back here boarding for a few days. Mind you, he's now only got his sister Poppy left out of the original Purr Factory kittens. I should have known that Poppy would be the last of the lot to go. She's an absolute little beauty with a winning personality but I should have realised that she'd hang on just so she could continue to drive me crazy with her antics each day. LOL

Fortunately Kim came over first thing this morning and if she hadn't I doubt very much if even half the catteries would have managed to get done today. She's heading off for a break for a few days and won't be back until next Friday (blubber) but she's brought the three little orphaned kittens back to board till she gets back, and she and her daughter Ally have done wonders with the little tykes. They are now so happy and healthy you wouldn't know they were the same ones.

If you have collars on your cats please keep a close eye on them. One of the boarders, Ashely got her front leg caught in her collar. Fortunately there was no damage and obviously she hadn't been caught for long when I found her, but had she been out running loose it would have been a very different story indeed.

Tomorrow there is a lady coming to see Smokey. So hopefully he'll find a loving home as well. Also Ting the new Russian Blue who arrived yesterday afternoon, will be heading home with a friend of his original family. So this is an excellent outcome for him.

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Congrats. Cody on your new little companion! I am sure she is going to be loved.

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So much has happened since I was here on Friday!  Sounds like a great weekend all round for everyone.  Lovely to hear of the adoptions and the loads of supplies. 

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