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Very busy day today. No adoptions just another new arrival. Ting a pedigreed Russian Blue boy who is currently chomping his way through his food bowl with 3 adoring female cats drooling over him. I don't think he's going to bother trying to hatch an escape plan any time soon :)

Kim came over today and after all the catteries were sorted and the feeding done we set to work sorting out the front of the shed that I've been trying to get to for ages without success. It's now all clean and tidy and as a result we were able to move the run with the small kittens in it under cover so I don't have to keep trying to remember to cover them each night. They're not too keen on the concrete floor instead of the grass but they'll get used to it. The position is much more sheltered both from rain and wind and they still get just as much sunshine (well when the sun bothers to come out that is). There is also a big old tree stump flat bang dab in the middle of the concrete slab and it's presence has annoyed me for years. Now it get's to serve a purpose. Remember how I always say that everything happens for a reason. Well many, many years ago when the slab was laid and someone was too darn lazy to remove the stump, they were actually creating the purfect scratching post and cat play gym. See it all worked out just fine.

Adrienne and the girls came out this afternoon and brought more nice warm bedding for the cats and the little devils also had bags of goodies for me including fruit, cereals and soups etc, a heater and a microwave (drat I won't get to see what we all look like glowing in the dark now). Thanks so much girls it really is all much appreciated. 

Gorgeous Sheba will be heading off to her new home tomorrow. I'll miss her cheery little face greeting me in the mornings. She's always happy to see me and is always the first to reach me for a pat and cuddle. But I know she'll be well cared for and loved and that is what she deserves.

Well I'm totally exhausted at the moment so I'm going to have some dinner, thanks girls, and head off for an early night. I'm sure Kerri and Millie will approve. Mind you I don't intend to complain about them either because they sure keep a girl warm and toasty this weather. Mind you if Kerri gains anymore weight she may also keep me flattened :)

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