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I can't believe that it's July already!!!  Happy financial New Year everyone :)

I'll have to see if I can pick up more dry purina supercoat tomorrow because although the feed bins in the various catteries are still around half full, there are no bags left if I need them. And the individual cattery supplies will only last a couple of days. Oh yes and the supply in Mugwort's kitten pen is now empty as of this afternoon.

It took basically all day to clean the litter trays, do the feeding and watering and get all the meat dished out today. 

The lady who was coming out to see Smokey didn't turn up today so the poor boy is still here.

Young Scrap, one of the purr factory kittens is back boarding for a few days as well.  He was a bit dubious about having to share at first but once his sister Poppy got hold of him, he settled right back in and the pair are sound asleep together at the moment in one of the hidey holes in the cat gym. 

Received a call today from a lady with a mother cat and three kittens about 5 weeks old. I had to tell her that there simply isn't any room available at the shelter at the present time.  I put her in contact with a couple of other rescue organisations but they were also full. She's phoned me back and left her contact details just in case I get a rush of adoptions. The young mother unfortunately is attacking her other cats and needs peace and solitude. Two commodities sadly lacking around here at the present time. LOL

I know that I'm preaching to the converted here, but please folks, spread the message amongst your friends, relatives and work colleagues that they "must" desex their pets. The initial outlay to desex the pet is nothing compared to the money that they'd have to spend on rearing kittens or puppies, vaccinating and microchipping them, advertising them etc. If they shrug and say they wouldn't bother doing any of the above then they shouldn't have a pet in the first place because they simply don't care about it. If you get the pet vaccinated and desexed in the beginning then you don't have any problems in the future and generally the pet will live longer, particularly if kept indoors. And for goodness sake don't let anyone say that their pet never gets out so it doesn't need to be desexed. You have no idea how often I've heard those exact words earnestly expressed by people dropping off litters of kittens. And in some cases they still don't learn and it's the cat and kittens that end up paying the price, sometimes with their lives.

I want to give a special thank you to my foster carers for all the hard work they've put in over the past couple of months. Seven kittens were rehomed from their foster homes and there are still 9 kittens in foster at the moment. The foster carers are a vital part of the shelter program because without them many of these kittens and cats would not have been able to be saved due to lack of space.

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