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Well at least my legs were working again today.  I wasn't able to get the girls to the vets yesterday because my legs wouldn't cooperate at all.  You'd think that with all the getting up and down I do all day with the litter trays etc my legs would be in good shape, instead it appears I may be happily pushing them over the brink. Oh well they'll just have to toughen up!!!!

Hendrix and Liam along with 3 other cats are staying here at the shelter temporarily while their owners set up a cattery at a new property.  Now if you'll recall from the blog postings, Liam was always a tab possessive and territorial about "His" personal cattery when he was here awaiting adoption.  Yes it was big, yes it has a big outside run attached (the only one that does mind you) and yes there was room for half a dozen cats, but that didn't mean (according to Liam anyway) that there was really room for anyone but him.  "His" cattery was his personal domain and that was that. Well he's been sharing with the other cats quite happily at his new (now old) home and arrived back at the shelter for a temporary stay yesterday afternoon with all his little feline mates in tow. Out they hopped from their carry cages, Liam looked around, took a couple of steps, looked around again and realisation dawned as to exactly where he was. From that flipping point on it's been a constant case of  "OK you lot, out, this is "my" cattery. You hop it".  "That's my food bowl, so is that one and that one (yes there are 3 large feed bowls), hey you stop drinking my water!!"  And they say elephants have long memories. Fortunately no-one seems to be taking the slightest bit of notice of his incessant tirades so I caught him out on the blue drum this arvo looking decidedly sulky about the whole nasty affair. I went in to tell him I knew exactly how he felt, when Hendrix came wandering over with Crash in tow. Liam decided to prove his point and told them both to go fall of a high cliff, and then looked at me in despair when it was obvious no-one was taking him seriously. Oh dear.  Mind you little Ashely was curled up on a blanket in one of the 4 wooden wall nooks and the expression definitely indicated that she believed that everyone else in a cattery was stark staring mad and could she please have her own condo.

A desperate plea has gone out from Janene who runs Rex Rescue in Brisbane. She has been contacted by the owners of a young neutered male devon rex, I think around 18 mths old, that is under stress in his current home from a couple of small children and another cat. She URGENTLY needs to find a foster carer for this little guy by Friday or he will be going to the pound. If you can provide a safe foster home without other cats or small children, until Janene can rehome him please contact her. The contact details are on the home page and also on the adult cat page (included with Orlando's details). 

Little Jerry (available for adoption - see kitten page) and Little Cindy were racing around the house earlier today playing with a peacock feather. Mind you the feather was bigger than both of them combined when they rounded a doorway and ran smack into Kerri who must have thought she was being tackled by an elephant. Each kitten had hold of one end of the feather and poor Kerri coped it right in the front legs and went down like a ton of bricks. Luckily for the kittens it took her a while to recover and get her bearings or she would have turned them into mincemeat.

Millies kittens are growing well and the hard skin on their heads is softening and allowing the hair to regrow which is great news. They're gorgeous little things. Mia's kittens continue to sit on top of the cupboard in their cattery and I have 5 little heads popping up over the window watching my every move. So cute.

I was only able to pick up one bag of Supercoat kitten today so it's going to be a week of lots of meat for the cats and kittens. Mind you I doubt very much that they'll mind one little bit. Just means more washing up for Mum. A lot they care!!!! 

Cleaning out the teenage boys cattery today and I got everything nice and clean, went to wash off the scoop to replace it and returned to find that the boys had decided to investigate what was in the little trolley used to cart the clean litter and dirty litter bags between catteries. Yep the whole darn thing had been tipped out all over the floor. After a few well chosen and rather loud remarks on the dubious nature of their parentage (Molly's sons excluded of course, because she could hear what I was saying), I got to start all over again with help from Diesel who insisted on supervising my every move.

Things didn't improve a lot in with Mugwort's lot either. Mugwort has developed this fascination with the dustpan brush (my fault I must admit because it's nice and soft and I tend to tease him with it) and every time I'm trying to tidy up he's right there pouncing on the confounded thing. With his thick fluffy coat it doesn't help when he decides to lie down right where I'm cleaning and ends up with litter and dust and everyone else's cat hair clinging all over him. That of course then means that he needs to be brushed and of course generally the only brush I have available is the dustpan brush so here we go again.

I hope everyone has a good night and that this rotten drizzly weather goes away soon. :) 

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