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Good news is that Suzie, another of Chelsea's silver tabby daughters found her forever home today. Daisy the other silver tabby female is still waiting for adoption. But if you're interested in her you better be fast because the silver tabbies seem to be going very quickly.

The one bag of Purina supercoat has managed to supplement the food supplies in the catteries just long enough to hold out till I do the supply shop tomorrow on the way back from the vet in the morning. 

It's freezing down here at the moment and my little fingers don't want to work properly. Bit like the rest of me at the moment. I'll have to go over and put the night cover on the kittens in the play pen. I put extra warm bedding in there this afternoon while they were busily climbing on their toys. I've got an extra basket that I'll put in with Mia and her kittens tomorrow as well because they keep pulling the bedding out of their little cubby holes during the night. Dickens only knows what they get up to out there but there's bedding strewn from one end of the cattery to the other every morning.

Now look here guys, I desperately need someone, to talk someone in adopting Mugwort. Now he's a lovely young chap, a tad on the plump side, a little like a stampede fluffy buffalo at times but he really is lovable in a remarkably clumsy sort of a way. It's just that the dear little chap has taken to trying to help me clean out the litter trays in the kitten cattery lately. Now much more of his help and I may slam dunk him in front of a semi trailer.  I had it all sorted and looking all clean and tidy this afternoon when he suddenly decided to get all happy and excited about it and next thing I knew there was litter and litter trays strewn in all directions and I got the pleasure of starting all over again (with his help of course). Heeelllp!!!!!!!!

Kerri sleeps on the bed with me at night and is lovely and warm against my back.  She really would be absolutely perfect for a single person or retired couple because she's just so totally devoted. Of late she's developed the funny habit of very, very gently reaching out her paw if I roll over to face her during the night and just lightly touching the end of my nose. If she's checking that my nose is cold, she has nothing to worry about because lately it's been darn near frozen.

I've had a few inquiries about Smokey today as well. No-one can come out until later in the week, so we'll see if he finds a home. I certainly hope that he does because he's a magnificent cat and I've always loved the Russian Blue nature because they can be very devoted to their owners.

Three kittens head off to the vet tomorrow for their little ops ie Fluffy, Polly and Misty.  Oh and good news number 6 actually voluntarily came over for a pat today.  Photos and details of the new adoptees probably won't go up tomorrow but will be added on Wednesday.  However, they are the three semi feral girls, you can see them in the new arrivals album from when they first came to the shelter. Fluffy is the grey and white, you guessed it, fluffy one. Polly is the white with grey and ginger tabby markings and Misty is the black fluffy baby of the family. They are now real little cuddle bunnies.

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