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I can't believe that it's Friday already. Good news today is that Cindy is the first of Chelsea's kittens to be adopted. She's a gorgeous silver tabby, just like her sisters Suzie and Daisy. Mind you, the little devil cause a bit of a fluster this morning when she lost her collar and there wasn't anyway to tell the three silvers apart, so I made a mad dash over to Anne's place with the chip scanner and we put collars back on them before her new family arrived to check her out.

There are 3 new kittens in foster care with Kim tonight. They were collected this morning. There are 2 male ginger tabbys and a little torti female. They'll need lots of TLC and feeding before they're ready for their vet work to go up for adoption. Thanks for that Kim, I really didn't have anywhere to put them up.  We'll get some photos of them asap.  They were wormed out as soon as they arrived but their vaccinations will have to wait for a few days until they're stronger.

I received an email that Gracie is settling in well to her new home. Young Itsy is a little peeved at the newcomer but will no doubt enjoy having a playmate eventually. LOL

I knew I was in for a weird day when I rose this morning to find Robbie sleeping in Lexie's spot and Lexie sleeping in Robbie's box.  With them both being much the same colouring I had to check and double check that I wasn't going crazy. Shush!!!!  Exactly what inspired the switch I have no idea.

The meat delivery arrived just before I had to take off this morning and for the first time was one big frozen lump of mince. I've managed to get it into the freezer tonight and will have to come up with a means to split it up later. Fortunately I don't need it immediately.

Oh well lots of paperwork to catch up on tonight so I better get to it.

Have a great night everyone. :)

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