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Well the supply run this morning proved to be fun. I called into Farmcraft at Lowood and was only able to pick up 3 bags of Purina Supercoat kitten, they didn't have any adult. So off I went to Fernvale and found exactly the same problem. So I've ended up with 7 bags of Kitten and no adult for the week. Just what I need, adults with increased energy levels. Oh dear. Apparently both produce merchants have got the Supercoat on back order but the supplier just isn't sending any through. The next option would be Advance or Iams but then you suddenly jump to over $80 per bag and frankly that ain't on. Hope I fair better next week.

Well little Gracie got adopted today and here's hoping that she gets on well with Itsy the resident cat at her new home. She should after all she's used to running with the other cats and kittens, but I refuse to count my chickens before they hatch because dear Princess is returning to the shelter again tomorrow because she's too bossy and won't let Max get any pats or cuddles when she's around. This time it looks like she settled in a bit too well. I've relisted her for adoption into an only pet household. So hopefully third adoption will be the charmer.

Anne has had little Mop adopted from her place this arvo as well. And Gillian has advised that Little Nala has been adopted also. So good work girls. Mind you poor Anne still has 6 to go with all of Chelsea's kittens still available except for Spider. I've also loaded a photo of Candy (Annes Dachshund) with Bucket into the Album Adoptees in their new homes. You'll see why Anne and Graham decided they couldn't bring themselves to separate this pair.

Had to get the skip used for disposing of the cat litter replaced again today. It's certainly becoming more regular.

When Max and Princess were adopted I did a big re-organisation and moved Mia and her Kittens and Smokey etc. Now I'm going to have to try and figure out where to put Princess when she returns. The problem is that the shelter has reached stress point and it's becoming harder to balance all the elements and dispositions. Even with the rash of adoptions it hasn't actually cleared a cattery so nowhere new has opened up. Oh well that's tomorrows problem. 

I've been updating websites, adding and deleting and now I'm so confused that I think I'll call it a night before I explode. Have a good night or day everyone, depending on when you read this.

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