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Well still no adoption enquiries at this stage which is a shame because there are so many absolutely beautiful kittens and older cats available at the shelter at the present time.

A giant thank you to Gail and Guy for travelling out to the shelter yesterday with a ute load of supplies including dry Advance and Purina Supercoat kitten feed, boxes of kitten sachets of meats, cat beds, scratching posts, towels, small wheelie bins for storage of cat feed and cat carriers etc. Thanks guys it was very much appreciated.

There is so little daylight these days with the sun rising late and setting early that I'm having difficulty getting everything done.  Over the weekend I wormed and flea treated the kittens pen with Advocate and today I did the teenage girls and Molly's lot including Spunky who saw me coming and ended up playing ring around the cattery for about 15 minutes before he dived into his hidy hole and I just reached in an squirted him. Serves him right the little devil.  Tomorrow I'll have to do the teenage boys and the older females being Katie, Keena, Princess and Sheba. The girls will be fine but the boys will give me curry once they cotton onto what I'm doing.  Mind you once their done I'll then have to start on the tape worm tablets for everyone, now that should be fun. Squirting a spot on is one thing but catching the little devils and shoving the tablets down their throats is something entirely different.   

I did a second vaccination on Chelsea yesterday as well.  It's OK doing just the one vaccination when I'm sure that the cats have had their annual shots prior to arrival at the shelter but just in case with the ones that arrive as strays etc then a second shot is always a good idea to bolster their immunity.

It's been freezing here in the early mornings (and for most of the day for that matter) and all the donations of blankets etc are really coming in handy.  The cats and kittens love to snuggle into them at night and without the generosity of the shelter supporters things would be pretty bleak during the winter months.  

The warm cat stew I cook up each day is going down a treat with the cooler weather. I'm including whatever vegs I can pick up cheaply with the roo meat and some rice and slices of melted cheese.  The kittens really love it as do the teenagers.  

I've updated the website for any new adoptions and ended up updating Pet Rescue with a number of newer photos and newly listed cats and kittens last night or maybe I should say early this morning. LOL  You know me hehehe

I have cat and kitten beds strewn around the house at the moment because Timmy, Cara, Taleah, Lexie, Missy, Tarsha, Casper, Spot and Denise the Menace are all camping inside at night, along with Jena.  Is it any wonder that every time I get up during the night I end up falling flat on my face? Normally at least some of them would be in catteries outside but this winter there just isn't any spare room so they all get to camp inside the house and drive me insane (er). Shush!!!

Mia is on 3 feeds per day with her kittens with dry feed left for her at all times. She is doing very well and her kittens are getting quite fluffy.  I'll be interested to see what they actually turn out like.

A big thank you to Anne for taking Mop and Bucket over to her house to run around with Chelsea's kittens.  Mind you the two poor little tykes didn't know what had hit them when Chelsea's seven got going, but hopefully they'll survive the experience.  I get the distinct impression that although Chelsea's little darlings are all grey tabby's of various shades, their dispositions are definitely Siamese all the way.  Chelsea herself is eating like a horse since she was desexed and is gaining weight daily.  She's still really loving and purrs constantly.

Also for anyone who may be interested I'll be updating the webstore to include my small but much loved collection of Royal Albert cup/saucer & plate sets and Royal Albert and Royal Doulton glassware.  I've never used any of the pieces and they were an extravagance I allowed myself some years ago.  By buying any of these pieces you'll be contributing to the ongoing work of the shelter including the ever increasing vet costs. Hopefully I'll be doing the updating tomorrow.

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