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A big thank you to Gail for donating the money for the scratching post and other supplies yesterday. 

The vaccines finally arrived yesterday so now I can vaccinate the kittens out on foster who are now 8 weeks old.  I'll be seeing Chelsea and hopefully she will be able to be desexed later next week since Anne, her wonderful foster carer, says she is now gaining weight back after having the kittens.

The scratching post ended up being around the same height as me and since it was a bit too heavy to construct outside the cattery and then drag it in, I decided to construct it inside the teenage girls cattery.  It has a few platforms as well as a hidy hole and swinging tube.  My problem was that with each stage I completed another couple of girls took up residence and kept giving me helpful hints on how to proceed.  I joined the last two levels together before attaching them to the main section which proved to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever come up with. Two platforms straight up and at least two kittens trying to leap onto them from the bench and me trying to hold the darned thing upright and screw it in at the same time.  I lost count of the number of times we all went crashing to the ground.  The obvious thing to do was pull them apart and do them one at a time but whereas my wheeties must have kicked in when I was doing it up, they'd apparently worn off by the time I tried to unscrew it.  Mind you it was almost worth the embarrassment when Angie jumped onto the edge of the small wheelie bin holding their food and the lid flipped up just as Tessa was making a leap for it.  I only got a fleeting glimpse of the look of horror on Tessa's face as she plummeted into the open bin.  Angie naturally got a fright and pinged off allowing the lid to fall and effectively trapping Tessa inside the feed bin.  Well one down I thought, at least she won't be giving me any trouble for while.  Finally after much neck stretching I managed to get the whole thing hooked up and then tied it securely to the side of the cattery.  It took a nano second for it to be crawling in teenage cats and it was finally then when I decided to rescue a suspiciously quiet Tessa from her prison in the food bin.  I opened the lid to find one black teenager lying smack in the middle of the dry feed and contentedly eating a little circle around herself.  She looked up at me with innocent little eyes still munching on her last mouthful.  I'm hoping she didn't decide to eat too much dinner last night cause she may have blown up.  There are still three catteries, all adult, that need scratching posts with places for the cats to sleep and snuggle before winter sets in again.  I find them better than the conventional bedding because the cats tend to move normal bedding around during play too much whereas the scratching posts stay put.  But the conventional bedding is definitely the best for inside the house because I can put their beds on my beds and they tend to stay put that way and they benefit from the extra warmth. 

It's 5.30am and still dark outside. Darn but I hate the cooler months.  Normally I could have been out in the catteries an hour ago.  And when it starts to get dark at night it really closes in fast. No nice long twilights these nights.

Poor Felix, the teenage boys are trying to teach him how to play Tarzan.  They've got a thick play rope of pieces of baling twine hanging from a rafter in their cattery on which they just love to swing and play and climb.  Felix watched them for a while and decided to join in the game.  His first attempt  had him leaping gleefully at the twine and completely missing which sent him barreling into the pram.  His second attempt had him getting tangled up and I had to rescue him much to his embarrassment and his third attempt had him grab the twine and then slip off when joined by two of his overly confident play mates.  Hopefully he didn't try again last night.  Mind you with him in mind I did stuff it all up on top of the rafter before coming inside last night just in case, but I wouldn't put it past the boys to have released their favourite toy at some stage.

I have a nasty feeling that this winter is going to be very, very cold.  Fortunately it's now getting light outside so I'm off to start the day.  Hope you all have a good one.

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