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I probably should have said Wednesday because it's currently 12.08am but what the heck.

I spent most of the day in Ipswich having taken in 5 cats for desexing, visiting a new friend, picking up the cats from desexing and then collecting Felix from Leanne.  By the time I got home it was already pretty dark and the shelter cats had been neglected all day.  So I had to do the catteries via flood light which tends to take longer particularly when the kittens decide they've missed out on their daily run around and they all belt out the door as soon as it's opened.  Now finding those little devils in the dark was fun. Yes they return to the cattery when I call them for their feed but normally I do that after they've been out for a reasonable time exhausting their energy levels.  Unfortunately today it was a case of clean the cattery, dish out the meat and yell dinner.  Well it actually worked for about 3/4 of them but the remainder decided I must have been crazy and scampered off in all directions.  Finally everyone was rounded up and I was able to continue the rounds.

The website has also been updated with the new adoptees who were desexed today.  They all took the trip in very well but unfortunately on the trip home as usual I got a blow by blow description of their adventures during the day. It's always the same, a quiet trip in and then prime headache material on the way home.  Chatty little devils.

Young OJ was of the opinion that they could have stuck that darn thermometer some place else and I'm not sure what he said but I think it was rude!!!  As for his little sister Camilla, well I'm sure they were wondering if they really needed to put her out for the op because she was so confounded relaxed during the initial pre op that she kept dropping off to sleep. LOL 

Anyway speaking of dropping off to sleep I think I had better try that myself because I was so exhausted when I got home I never thought I'd manage to get all the catteries done, but somewhere along the line I seem to have woken up.  I just know I'll pay for that tomorrow.  And I need to get out there really, really early or the cats will really be pinged off at me.

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