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Well Kate and I went off to the dump today and I found some metal shelves that I can use for the cats to jump and sleep on.  Mind you at this time of the year I'll have to make some fleece covers for them so they don't get too cold but they'll be ideal in the summer time because they have holes in them for ventilation.

A small extremely thin young tom wandered into the shelter about 6 weeks ago and just took up residence.  I don't know where he came from, whether he was dumped, had been born in the bush or was brought in by Lexie, but it's impossible to judge his age because of his condition.  As I say he was extremely, painfully thin on arrival and had the saddest eyes you'd ever want to see. He looked like he'd been pushed from pillar to post in his young life and wasn't sure if he'd be welcome or not.  Naturally one look at this poor little soul and I was hooked.  All the other cats and kittens immediately just accepted his presence as though they knew this was his last chance.  I tried contacting neighbours etc but no-one knew where he came from.  He has been wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and now neutered.  He is gaining weight gradually and his black coat is now shiny although still not think.  Although he's gaining weight he doesn't appear to be growing at all at the moment and although I think he's probably around 12 mths old, he's only the size of the 4 1/2 mth old kittens.  He follows me everywhere and sleeps behind me on the chair while I'm working on the computer at night.  I've named him Casper (why I'd name a black cat Casper is anyone's guess) and I'll continue working on getting the little guy into shape.  It will be interesting to see what he turns out like and whether or not he starts to grow at all.  The poor little guy is so starved for affection and has obviously been beaten at some point.  His little eyes are old beyond his years and it's like he's 100 years old but every now and then there's this little flicker.  He's still so frail that I keep being afraid that I'll break him.  The frailty comes from the fact that his little bones haven't be nourished enough for him to develope normally but at least now he's eating good food and his appetite is improving.  When he first arrived he could only have very small meals because he couldn't digest larger portions.  Will keep you informed on his progress.

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I'm not a great sewer, but am happy to help with making some covers.  If you would like me to, just send a size and I'll see what I can do. 

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